Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { January }

January 1 ~ Lunch ... It's not much of a lunch but it is what looked good!
January 1 ~ Lunch ... It's not much of a lunch but it is what looked good!
January 3 ~ My Town ... Main Street in New London on a cold winter day.
January 4 ~ Words To Live By ... just keep life simple.
January 5 ~ Found ... My scrapping mojo! It's been lost for a while but scrapping with a few friends lately has made it come back!
January 6 ~ Happens Everyday ... Check in on Facebook. If it's not on my computer, I'll read some on my phone if I'm out and about.
January 7 ~ Upside Down ... Dry dishes. This is basically how my counter looks most mornings after washing the big stuff!
January 8 ~ Lucky Number ... 29. First date with my main squeeze and the date if our anniversary. I'd consider that lucky!
January 9 ~ Natural ... Simple, natural beauty directly from God (Photo Credit: Brea Westberg taken of Norway Lake)
January 10 ~ Manmade ... Pizza - made by my man for supper!
January 11 ~ Looking Down ... One of my favorite views during the day!
January 12 ~ Colorful ... A few of my accessories that add color to my outfits. All in ROYGBIV order like they should be too!
January 13 ~ Makes Me Smile ... Looking through the scrapbooks I've created makes me smile. It reminds of just how good my life is!
January 14 ~ Three Things ... This is basically what my breakfast consists of every day ... milk, an English muffin and some fruit.
January 15 ~ Black + White ... Family Rules - this hang right above our stairs so we can see it every morning.
January 16 ~ Sun ... Since there wasn't much sun out today (and because it was too gross to go outside!), here's the sun setting up north in Cross Lake this summer. Love it up there!
January 17 ~ Tiny ... This tiny owl sits in my scrapbook room. My grandma collected owls so when she passed away this is the one I wanted from her collection.
January 18 ~ Happy Place ... Aside from the obvious of my home with my family as my happy place, this weekend was filled with LOTS of laughs, happiness and fun with some of my girls. Wherever I am hanging out with any of my girlfriends, it's a happy place for me!
January 19 ~ Breakfast ... it's big enough to cover the plate! So good!!
January 20 ~ To Do List ... I had one thing on my list today and accomplished it! What an awesome series this was!!!! I'm already having withdrawals and want to watch another episode. Loved Walt and Jesse!
January 21 ~ Blue ... Since this is used daily by someone in our home, I put our dish soap in a vintage medicine bottle so it is pretty sitting on our counter by the sink.
January 22 ~ Nice! ... We are know for being Minnesota Nice. Love my state for all that it has to offer!
January 23 ~ Bedtime ... Rocky time with Daddy happens every night. Both my boys love this time of day together.
January 24 ~ Your Space ... It's my room - don't touch my stuff! Lol! But seriously, don't. I will know if you have been in there. As you can see I have three bags are packed for a day of scrapping tomorrow!
January 25 ~ A taste of summer / WINTER ... Catching snowflakes on your tongue is a must! He told me his eyes were closed because, "The 'no keeps hitting my eyeballs and I don't tink that is berry nice."
January 26 ~ Fun Stuff! ... Game On! This is just a portion of the games we have. We might need them if we are hunkered down for too long!
January 27 ~ Something I Bought ... One of my favorite purchases ever! If this camera could talk!!
January 28 ~ Dinner ... Leftover Orange Chicken. It's always good no matter when I eat it!
January 29 ~ Window ... Here's one in my kitchen that I love for many reasons. It's where I can see outside to the backyard where Hayden plays and we sit around our table in the summer, I can be reminded of my faith and remember to laugh and not take things so seriously.
January 30 ~ Best Invention Ever ... Electricity! Gotta support my man on this one because he rocks at his job! We owe it all to another guy who thought it would be a great idea to play with a kite and key during a storm!
January 31 ~ Polka Dot ... This is a quilt my Grandma made me - funky patchwork on one side, simple polka dots on the reverse. I snuggle in this every night upstairs. It's a cherished piece in my home.

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