Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { February }

February 1 ~ You ... Since I hate selfies, here's one of me and my guy.
February 2 ~ Favorite ... This is my favorite picture of my Dad and Brea.  I love how they are looking into each other's eyes, both full of unconditional love for one another. This photo will NEVER leave my fridge!
February 3 ~ Something Orange ... A monkey in an orange monkey shirt.
February 4 ~ Childhood ... In my craft room I have little keepsakes from my childhood: a book from church, my name carved by my Dad, knitted Strawberry Shortcake, my name candle, trinkets from Disney World and the popular classic "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret."
February 5~ Square ... Our bathroom tiles which are wonderful when they are warm but at 3:00 in the morning they are a tad freezing!
February 6 ~ C is for ... Cosmetics. It takes more than just good DNA to look fabulous sometimes! Thanks Cover Girl, Maybelline and everything in between!
February 7 ~ Utensil ... Without a spoon, how could I eat this yummy treat?
February 8 ~ Water ... Bath time for the little one. It's part of the routine most nights.
February 9 ~ Details ... Love all the little details that are in this old globe we have in our home.
February 10 ~ I am ... I am all of these and MORE!
February 11 ~ Mistake ... My wedding ring. No, silly! Not the fact that I'm married to my guy but when the jeweler ordered the engagement ring and wedding band they ordered them from two different companies. The engagement ring has five small diamonds on the side and the wedding band has six. I'll never have it changed because it is blessed with holy water and it's perfect to me!
February 12 ~ Out and About ... In the little town of Spicer, one of our favorite places to eat, Westwood Cafe.
February 13 ~ Perfect ... Is there anything more perfect than snuggling with this little boy for a nap? Pure Heaven and so sweet.
February 14 ~ Heart ... A little Snoopy chocolate for the kids' Valentines. { love }
February 15 ~ My Drink Of Choice ... Gotta have my Diet Dew!!
February 16 ~ Create ... This is our house, but it is more than walls and a roof. It's where I take pride in being able to create a home for us, knowing that when my family walks through the door and they are inside, they are safe and very much loved.
February 17 ~ Vegetable ... Although not nutritious in any way, shape or form, French fries are delicious in every way, shape and form! It's the only thing close to a vegetable that I had today.
February 18 ~ Magic ... Playing with sparklers is always magical. We have fun making letters and shapes while I have my camera on a slow speed. We give the easier letters to the younger kids, the more difficult letters and shapes to the older ones.
February 19 ~ Feet ... Who says you can't have cute toes in the winter?! Pedicure DONE!
February 20 ~ Peace ... Peace, Love and Rock 'N Roll ☮ ♥ ♫
February 21 ~ Funny ... Make a funny face! Yep, THIS is my family!
February 22 ~ Random Act Of Kindness ... Willingly sharing his Cutie oranges with Mommy.
February 23 ~ Where I Relax ... Pretty much every night we are upstairs watching TV and depending on the show, I might be reading or playing a game on my iPhone. Of course I'm snuggled under my polka dot blanket!
February 24 ~ Half ... More than half of my plate is filled with rice when Brea serves up the food!
February 25 - Cut ... Here's my little baby that I've had since September 2005. It's maiden adventure was up to Canada for my best friend's wedding and she hasn't stopped! My Wedgie (because of the color Wedgewood Blue) has been back and forth to the school countless times, full of friends going out for good times, loaded up to spend weekends up north, hauling things from garage sales and much, much more! Just today on the way home from running errands she flipped to 100,000 miles! My Ford F150 is definitely a CUT above the rest!
February 26 ~ Light ... This little light of mine not only gives a cozy, warm glow to my kitchen but it is also pretty AND makes my house smell great! It's a triple threat!
February 27 ~ My View Today ... I've been getting all the envelopes ready for the Sloppy Jo Supper today. This is my 7th year as part of the Committee to put on a fantastic fundraiser for the kids. I have the best job of the Committee, I get to see all the kids every day!
February 28 ~ Reflection ... What I see while driving around is the reflection of my baby in the backseat. However, when I asked him to smile, I get his tongue sticking out. That's my boy!

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