Monday, March 31, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { March }

March 1 ~ Yellow ... All of my crafting embellishments are sorted by color. Here's most of my yellow pieces. Such a happy color!!
March 2 ~ Something Borrowed ... I borrowed the Fifty Shades of Grey series from a friend of mine. Hmmm ... I wonder why I haven't given them back yet?!
March 3 ~ My Name Is ... Depending on who is talking to me, here's my top six. If you call me anything else, I will either not answer you (if you think you are being funny, which you aren't!) or correct you (if you don't know me very well), especially if you call me Sue. That's not my name, nor do I even look like a Sue! Lol!
March 4 ~ On My Mind ... This guy, and hoping he's having a great time on vacation with Mag, Bob and Kevin!
March 5 ~ Something Beginning With I ... Pretty icicles. We have a few of them still hanging off the barn, but melting now that it's warming up just a little bit.
March 6 ~ Chair ... Just a little re-do on a $4.00 rocking chair from Goodwill. After some paint, fabric and a little TKC to the chair, it now has a permanent home in Hayden's room!
March 7 ~ Fly ... My guy reaching for the sky as he flies through the air on his snowmobile!
March 8 ~ In The Corner ... Here's a cabinet I have in the corner of my dining room. It is an heirloom that was handed down to different family members in my family. I rescued this from my Mom's garage when she moved off George Lake. My Dad was storing oil and other "garage" things in it. WHAT?! It now holds a bunch of my smaller scrapbooks and lots of keepsakes I have of my Dad and other family members. That's my baby blanket hanging on it too.
March 9 ~ 10 AM ... Looking through all of the photos from Scott's snowmobile trip and came across this one of all the boys! Awesome!!
March 10 ~ Far Away ... Do you ever feel like your heart really isn't 100% complete because parts of it are elsewhere? That's how I feel about these two. They have little bits of my heart with them. These two girls live WAY too far away from me, I know this for sure!! I seriously cherish every second I am able to spend with them!
March 11 ~ Something Good ... Eating a little healthier is always good. These were a delicious treat!
March 12 ~ Partial ... This little balloon, partially inflated, floats around our house. The little boy tries his hardest to pop it!
March 13 ~ Fresh ... The Olive Bar at Whole Foods.
March 14 ~ Care ... My little care kit as I fight a head cold this week.
March 15 ~ Evening ... My evening consisted of spending some fun with these seven awesome people! I love my friends!
March 16 ~ Beautifully Ordinary ... A basket full of apples from our tree in the fall. Nature always gets it right!
March 17 ~ Today's Weather ... Gloomy. Upside: The snow is melting. Downside: There is 6-12" of snow predicted tonight.
March 18 ~ Five Years Ago ... We took motorcycles on vacation to Sturgis with our friends Tim and Karen.  It was such a great time and I can't wait to go back some day! This is also a flashback to a WARM day!
March 19 ~ Cropped ... A closer shot to capture Hayden's amazement and the motion of the KitchenAid making zucchini bread for the family!
March 20 ~ Letter ... This letter hangs in Brea's room and obviously the little aliens and Captain America protect her little sanctuary in our house.
March 21 ~ Full ... These two boys are running around and acting crazy in my house! They are FULL of energy!!

 March 22 ~ Morning ... The snow is finally melting. Maybe Spring is finally here!

 March 23 ~ I'm Loving ... My favorite people that live in Sauk Centre. Their friendship mean more to us than they'll ever know! {Ann, Bob, Kevin and Janet}

 March 24 ~ One Of A Kind ... Here's a close-up shot of a one-of-a-kind piece of art created on a canvas that I carried through my Color Run last year. I think I might have to do it again this year!

 March 25 ~ Soft ... This is the infamous BOS The Dinosaur. He's so soft and cuddly that no one, especially a cute boy, can't resist snuggling with him.

 March 26 ~ I Am Here ... Every day for a month I'm at Prairie Woods working on the 4th grade packets for the Sloppy Jo Supper. It's fun seeing all the little K-4 kids!

 March 27 ~ Something I Made ... I made these two canvas pieces to hang in our bathroom on either side of the mirror so I can can see The Beauty and The Cutie every morning while getting ready.

 March 28 ~ Nostalgia ... This bowl brings back many memories of going to my grandparents' house when I was little. During our visits we would always eat ice cream out of different bowls. This was one of the bowls so I cherish it very much!

 March 29 ~ Sticky ... Just a sampling of the sticky washi tape used in my crafts. Love these!!

 March 30 ~ Fast ... When you want to get somewhere fast, a Cessna jet is the way to go!

March 31 ~ Faux ... There's nothing more classic than faux wood in the form of paneling. This is even better since it is blue!! Gotta loved it!

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