Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { April }

 April 1 ~ Something Purple ... Just a little sampling of Brea's pencil collection. Write On!
 April 2 ~ In My Hand ... In 1996, 18 years ago today, I had open heart surgery. In my hands are all the cards I received from family and friends filled with wishes for a speedy recovery. It's amazing to look through them to see who was in my life at the time ... some have passed on and others are at a point in their life where our paths no longer cross. It was an amazing feeling to know so many people cared about me when I was going through this part of my journey. 
 April 3 ~ Shapes ... Circles, Squares, Rectangles ... oh my! Love my little toy camera! 
 April 4 ~ Good Together ... My awesome scrapbooking girls are so good together! We have a great time filled with countless laughs every time we're in the same room.
 April 5 ~ Not Mine ... A pile of clothes like this sits on our bathroom vanity every day. They are Scott's work clothes which he brings in the bathroom so he doesn't wake me up in the morning.
 April 6 ~ A Taste Of Spring ... Hopefully temps like this stick around or get even higher. Bring on the warmth!
 April 7 ~ Where I'd Rather Be ... Some place warm like Ixtapa with great friends!
 April 8 ~ Hobby ... Scrapbooking, of course! It's my way of documenting my life one picture and story at a time.
 April 9 ~ Dark ... Glow sticks in the dark during bath time.
 April 10 ~ My Fave Part Of The Day ... Normally I'm sure people read their daily devotion in the morning but that's not works for me so before going to sleep I'll read it when I have a small amount of solitude. I enjoy my little message of faith no matter when I can squeeze it in!
 April 11 ~ 3 Of A Kind ... iPod, iPhone, iPad ... iTechnology of all kinds!
 April 12 ~ To My Left ... My partners in crime this morning for a little run (or fast walk for me - LOL!)
 April 13 ~ More Please! ... This is what was for supper and I could eat this once a week. Orange Chicken, please give me more!!
 April 14 ~ Dirty ... The face Hayden gets when he tries to see his own dirty face. Hilarious!!
 April 15 ~ I'm Reading This ... I love reading blogs of different kinds, mostly for scrapbooking, crafting and cooking inspiration. Every day I'll go to my blog list and read through a bunch of them when I have a little "me" time!
April 16 ~ My Vice ... TV shows. We record and watch a ton of them. Some I'll record to see if I like it, others I don't want to miss any episodes! PLUS we hardly watch commercials anymore. LOVE my DVR!
 April 17 ~ Something I Learned ... This is me and what you see is what you get. Through many parts of my journey in life, I've learned you just have to be yourself and you will NEVER, and I mean EVER, please everyone. I might not always say what you want to hear or I might do things you disapprove of but then again it's not your life or your consequences so if you can't take me the way that I am, then don't call me a friend! If you do like the crazy, loving, awesome person that is ME and you can accept me the way I am, well then thank you!
 April 18 ~ Good ... Life is pretty dang good when the four of us get together!! 
 April 19 ~ Money ... Gotta love when the Easter Bunny has his own coinage - Bunny Bucks!!
 April 20 ~ Egg ... Eggs for the centerpiece and candy eggs in little pots for each person at their place setting for Easter dinner at our house today.
 April 21 ~ Close ... A close up of the closely-fitted loom bracelet Brea made Hayden for his itty, bitty wrist.
 April 22 ~ Four Things ... Just four simple ingredients needed to make WestMuffins for breakfast.
 April 23 ~ Entrance ... Every Wednesday night Brea goes through these doors for her Confirmation class. I feel I need to walk through them more often than I do!
 April 24 ~ A Pop Of Color ... Double Entendre ... I think so!
 April 25 ~ Remember ... After my Dad passed away there would be times that I would feel his presence and would always see a white feather. This morning I was having a 'Dad' moment, thinking nothing of it because they happen often enough. When leaving to go to a friend's house there was this little symbol at the end of my driveway. Loved ones always have a way of showing you they are still here.
 April 26 ~ Enjoy The Little Things ... You either like black jelly beans or you don't! I take after my Dad and absolutely love them! I enjoy the fact that there is a company who makes a bag of JUST black jelly beans (or black bird eggs as they are called). Much appreciated!
 April 27 ~ Under My Feet ... Our dirty garage floor but it's where I spent part of the day making props for Post Prom. I was also outside in this rainy weather but it was too nasty to get my phone out!
 April 28 ~ Chaotic ... Car chaos is an extremely typical scene in my house every day!
 April 29 ~ Contrast ... The yellow bars on a maintenance platform definitely show contrast against the non-so-vibrant colors on Scott's job site.
April 30 ~ Silly ... It's a silly little trick but it works! No pots boiling over at my house!

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