Saturday, May 31, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { May }

 May 1 ~ Begins With J ... Jeans! I love them and live in them!
 May 2 ~ Snack ... Hayden loves his graham crackers and juice as a snack every day.
 May 3 ~ Collection ... Just a little collection of things needed for a perfect bon fire, especially for Post Prom. Yee haw!!
 May 4 ~ Us ... My favorite hands to hold, especially when all of us are together.
 May 5 ~ 4 PM ... It's absolutely gorgeous out so Hayden and I are outside playing in his sandbox, on his swing set and with every yard toy he has ever owned. Loving it!!!
 May 6 ~ From Down Low ... Just a peek down County Road 5.
 May 7 ~ Taken From Above ... This wonderful assortment of goodies are just waiting to be used. Loved my mail guy today!!
 May 8 ~ Blue ... Getting ready to tag all the things for the garage sale. Gotta have the blue painter's tape to get the job done!
 May 9 ~ Favorite ... The little guy's favorite snack lately. We call them dry S'mores.
May 10 ~ In The Garden ... Not quite a garden but it's a perfect little flower Brea found growing in the ditch while up north.
 May 11 ~ Mother ... Happy Mother's Day!
 May 12 ~ Ready ... I'm SO ready for the damp and dreary weather to be gone so I can enjoy some time outside! Rain, rain, go away ... just for a few days and then you can sprinkle a little bit once in a while just to make the gardens and crops grow. 
 May 13 ~ I Spy ... I went upstairs to find the TV remote and this little pile of stuff was on our end table. Signs of a little boy collecting lots of things for his farm. Who knows what they all were meant for.
 May 14 ~ Lines ... Beep! Beep! Horizontal lines on tiny pajamas pants are always a perfect fashion statement.
 May 15 ~ From Where I Walk ... While walking to the mailbox, I noticed a white feather has been hanging around on my lawn.
 May 16 ~ Create ... Today was a perfect day to create a special moment watching this beautiful girl walk the stage to get her college diploma! SO proud of you Ashley!
May 17 ~ Bag ... Good things come home with me in bags from Hobby Lobby!
 May 18 ~ Something I Drew ... My Great Aunt Edna used to teach us five girls how to draw whenever we were visiting my Grandma. Here's one of the drawings I did when I was only eight. I'm no Picasso but sometimes it's all about the memories!
 May 19 ~ Alone ... 10:00 - it's usually the time I'm alone and able to watch what I want on tv, check out a movie on Netflix or to just read.
 May 20 ~ Waiting ... This one little bird is waiting for the rest of the sweet birds to be born.
 May 21 ~ Card ... It's official when business cards show up in the mail. Should be fun!
 May 22 ~ Free ... We always get the kids meal at Culver's because you get a free custard coupon on the bag. Brea and I shared this one and we gave the second coupon to a cute little old couple we met while standing in line. They said they don't have a Culver's where they live so they didn't know what the custard tasted like. After we ate, we walked over to their table and gave them the extra coupon. We learned that he is originally from Kerkhoven and they come up here on Memorial Day weekend to visit their son's grave, who died 15 years ago. I hope our little gesture brightened their day a bit!
 May 23 ~ Black and White ... My Grandma's diary from 1951 and 1952. So cool to have this memorabilia.
 May 24 ~ Sunrise ... It's the kind of sunrise I like and am awake for!
 May 25 ~ Neighborhood ... I don't really live in a neighborhood so here's a throwback of my childhood neighborhood kids. Loved the Nelsons and Hoehnes!
 May 26 ~ Pet ... Here's Daisy waiting for me to get her out of her kennel, then once she is let out she goes NUTS!
 May 27 ~ Meal ... Gotta love a great meal at a wedding reception! Yummy food this weekend!
 May 28 ~ Unique ... Considering today is my birthday I would have to say the word unique fits me! He broke the mold with me, but then again I love that each person I know is unique in their own way and God broke the mold on all of us! Can you imagined how boring life would be if we were all the same?! No thanks!! Go be unique and love yourself for who you are!!!
 May 29 ~ Negative Space ... When the temperature rises, it's nice to be able to cool off with the touch of a button! Hello Summer!!!
 May 30 ~ Side View ... Special treats from my girl for my birthday!! And yes, both boxes are open!!
May 31 ~ Sunset ... Pretty enough even Daisy wants to stand and watch it.

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