Monday, June 30, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... {June }

June 1 ~ Joy ... Yesterday brought me so much joy! It was a fun-filled day watching sweet baby cousins be baptized and my two nieces enjoying their graduation parties.
 June 2 ~ Doing ... Working on pricing this and lots more!! It's what I've been doing for about a week.
 June 3 ~ Family ... How can a family of four create so much laundry?! In my defense, this is almost two weeks worth because the washing machine wasn't working and I kept forgetting to call until today. Gotta love that Todd Halverson shows up and SIX minutes later it's fixed and he's out the door! Love small town living!
 June 4 ~ Ordinary ... Just an ordinary pair of sunglasses but I never leave home without them!!
 June 5 ~ 11 O'Clock ... By 11, the garage sale was in full swing and we're ready to make some mission trip money!
 June 6 ~ Adventure ... Hayden has a little adventure looking at all the Spicer Fire Department trucks. He just didn't know they made them in yellow too. 
 June 7 ~ Pattern ... A perfectly striped pattern in the Earth while the crops begin to grow. Will it be knee high by the 4th of July?!
 June 8 ~ T is for ... Trucks, and lots of them. This is just one pile we find around the house every single day!
 June 9 ~ We Live Here ... Just our little quaint town of New London.
 June 10 ~ Flying ... Flying through the air ... "Push me again Mommy!"
 June 11 ~ The Beginning ... Yep, it's the beginning of a new season! Love this show!
 June 12 ~ Pastel ... Gotta make sure the little guy is safe out in the sun.
 June 13 ~ Simply ... Simply one of the best gifts a mommy can receive ~ a bouquet of flowers handpicked and delivered by a tiny tot!
 June 14 ~ Cross ... This one hangs in my dining room area. Simple and beautiful.
 June 15 ~ Lovely ... A lovely evening spent celebrating the guys in my life who rock as fathers! Love them both!
 June 16 ~ In The Shadows ... Our wedding rings in my Bible creating heart shadows. Love my guy!
 June 17 ~ Peaceful ... A peaceful evening in New London with calm waters on the Mill Pond.
 June 18 ~ Quirky ... I love this quirky, little fence that I found while driving around New London. It's made of old windows and branches. Recycling at it's best!
 June 19 ~ Habit ... I have a little habit that started back in college with my friends Tanya and Kristie. When we would go out, to figure out which can belong to each of us, we would turn the tabs on our cans. I turned mine to the right and now have a habit that continues on even today.
 June 20 ~ Yay! ... It's a great day when chocolate chip cookies appear in my kitchen and I didn't make them. I'm not a big-time cookie eater but I enjoy one once in a while. Thanks Bee!
 June 21 ~ Here I Am ... I'm watching my boys fish with the beautiful lake and sunset as a backdrop ... pure Heaven.
 June 22 ~ Growing ... These little babies are growing up but until they can go out on their own, they are protected by Mommy and Daddy. So sweet!
 June 23 ~ In The Moment ... Without hesitation once we hit the beach, Hayden dropped down in the sand to make a sand angel. Konner soon followed. Living in the moment ... Gotta love it!
 June 24 ~ What June Looks Like ... Yep, it's my boy's butt crack but it's a symbol of our summer so far. He lives in his swimming shorts so he can jump in the pool at a moment's notice but unfortunately with him being so skinny, they don't stay up! He thinks it's hilarious and will totally moon you if you call him out on it! Thank goodness he has a cute tushie!
 June 25 ~ Sun Flare ... A beautiful day and hot when the sun broke through the clouds!
 June 26 ~ Dreaming ... Dreaming he can fly and touch the sky!!
 June 27 ~ Loving ... I'm loving the memory of this wonderful man who could lift me up in many ways. Sorry for all the grey hairs I gave you but you sure as hell wore the look well!
 June 28 ~ Bed ... Out for supper at the Spicer Castle tonight, a delicious meal with the chicken served on a bed of rice. Perfect!
 June 29 ~ Delight ... It's pure delight for this boy when the car cart is available when we go grocery shopping.
June 30 ~ The End ... Getting to the end of a book is always so bittersweet! Onto another literary journey tomorrow.

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