Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... {July }

 July 1 ~ Red + White ... The little red and white icon that I have a love-hate relationship with for many reasons!!
 July 2 ~ Something Beginning With K ... My key ring for my truck. It's the truck key, my camera key charm from my sister Lisa which I LOVE, two house keys I've never used (but if I take them off, that will be the day I need them), a nail clipper that comes in handy all the time and the truck key fob. Scott thinks they are too noisy. Lol! I like them just the way they are!
 July 3 ~ Match ... Two little matching bees in our kitchen Brea's nickname is Bee so we often find some to collect.
July 4 ~ Stars ... Extremely cool patriotic garden piece at my sister's house. God Bless America ... where the stars and stripes fly proudly!!
 July 5 ~ On The Table ... A little fruit salad I made for a gathering with friends ... So good too!!
 June 6 ~ View ... My boys playing in the pool on a hot, muggy day. I'm in the shade with a little bit of a breeze and a book in my hands loving the relaxing day!
 July 7 ~ First ... This is the first time trying these as a snack. Thumbs up!!
 July 8 ~ I've Never ... Here's a double whammy today. I've never been to Alaska OR went salmon fishing but my girl has! During her mission trip they would find fun things to do after their work day was done. 
 July 9 ~ Alive ... At the Stingers Game, this guy was shot out of a cannon, hit the net and is alive to talk about it. Very cool to watch (and record)!
 July 10 ~ Sharp ... Looking sharp with my girls Ashley, Rayn and Chasity!  Happy Birthday Ashley - loves!!!!
 July 11 ~ Gold ... A little gold candy pieces make up the beer for the mug in the bachelorette booze bouquet for my niece's party tonight!
 July 12 ~ Interior ... The interior of my room in my home away from home tonight. Great hotel suite for me and the girls!
 July 13 ~ Look Up ... Looking up as color and confetti falls all around at The Color Run!
 July 14 ~ Old School ... Keeping it old school claiming my place at the dinner table when I was little. This little keepsake now hangs in my scrapbook room claiming it as my sanctuary.
 July 15 ~ Torn ... This is the torn envelope from a handwritten letter Brea received from a friend today. It amazes me that someone took the time to put pen to paper and not use modern technology ~ love that!!
 July 16 ~ Listening To ... Every morning I listen to my little pink radio when getting ready. The station depends on my mood!
 July 17 ~ Sunshine ... A little sunshine where I can see it every day. My dad used to sing "You are my sunshine" to us girls when we were little so this phrase means a lot to me.
 July 18 ~ Admire ... Hayden and I drove into New London to check out and admire the work of 125 community members who helped create the artwork on the side of the building. It looks so cool coming into town!
 July 19 ~ Curly ... This little guy has the nickname Curly but only Grandpa Paul calls him that. He gave Hayden the nickname when he was just getting hair as a baby and had one very prominent curl in the front.
 July 20 ~ Moment ... Had a lovely moment today sitting under a pine tree enjoying watching Brea and her partner play tennis at the Water Days tournament.
 July 21 ~ Basic ... Just your basic day doing basic things like building Lego construction sites with the cutest little boy!
 July 22 ~ I Wore This ... A little ankle bracelet Brea brought back from Alaska for me. It was made by a native Alaska. I've had it on since she gave it to me. 
 July 23 ~ Macro ... Just a few sprinkles ready to be put on cupcakes. 
 July 24 ~ Water ... Gotta carry my little bottle while I walk and have the larger one chilling to chug when I get back home!
 July 25 ~ Home ... Why is it that I can kill lots of time in the Home section of most stores? I love the kitchen and organization stuff the most!
 July 26 ~ Fun ... Much fun catching up with these girls at our summer / anniversary party!
 July 27 ~ Ten ... Just ten fingers perfectly intertwined with each other.
 July 28 ~ Cool ... A nice cool root beer float made and delivered to me by my favorite daughter. Yum!!
 July 29 ~ Repeat ... I hope to repeat 20+ years with this guy!
 July 30 ~ Lost ... This teeny, tiny frog was lost so I helped it back into the grass near another frog I found. I put my sunglasses down by it so you can see the size comparison. You could dang-near step on it and never even know!
July 31 ~ Rise ... A beautiful courthouse rising into the sky in Minneapolis.  (Photo Credit:  Brea)

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