Sunday, August 31, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { August }

 August 1 ~ Landscape ... Just relaxing in the backyard enjoying the landscape. It's perfection to me!
 August 2 ~ Lunch ... Just some leftovers from our anniversary dinner. It's even yummy the second time around!
 August 3 ~ "S" Is For ... Siblings.
 August 4 ~ In The Middle ... Just a little ham, turkey, cheese and lettuce in the middle of the bun. So dang good!
 August 5 ~ Pile ... A typical sight in our house is a pile of newspapers. Sometimes we just don't get to the right away but we still want to read them.
 August 6 ~ Grateful For ... Ver grateful for food in my fridge! We're blessed to have it stocked full with lots of goodness.
 August 7 ~ Spot ... The Spinach and Artichoke Dip, along with a Sex on the Beach, hit the spot tonight for a delicious meal shared with a table full of beautiful friends!
 August 8 ~ Pet Peeve ... Casino machines taking my money! Not cool!
 August 9 ~ Mix ... A good mix to end the night.
 August 10 ~ Art ... The Statue of Liberty made out of jelly beans. Pretty artsy-fartsy and delicious at the same time!
 August 11 ~ Mirror ... Hanging out with this girl is sometimes like looking in the mirror. We are so alike in many ways. That's what makes us the best of friends!
 August 12 ~ Gather ... Just four girls gathering to run at 1:00 a.m. with a bunch of other crazies!!
 August 13 ~ Inside ... Excited what to read what's inside this book!
 August 14 ~ Give ... Just give me good friends to hang out with and I'm a happy girl!
 August 15 ~ Clouds ... From up above they look like comfy pillows you could sleep or jump on.
 August 16 ~ Clean ... Just visiting the doctor and was given a clean bill of health! He's good to go for Cub Kids. 
 August 17 ~ Dinner ... A little Gorgonzola Chicken Salad I had in Vegas. It literally was one of the best salads I've ever ate - so delicious!!
 August 18 ~ Arrow ... The temp arrow was pressed so some chocolate chip cookies could be baked today. 
 August 19 ~ To Do ... My To Do List today consisted of watching Brea play tennis at her first matches of the season.
 August 20 ~ Before Bedtime ... Before bedtime kisses to the sleeping baby are a must!
 August 21 ~ Decorate ... A cross we use to decorate the landscaping around our house.
 August 22 ~ Words ... Maybe these words will come true, we'll just have to see!
 August 23 ~ Style ... Heck yes we've got style!
 August 24 ~ Fragrant ... You can just smell the mud, sweaty little boy and fresh air all in one moment!
 August 25 ~ Mail ... A TON of our mail goes right into the recycle bin. Do I really need one more credit card ... or 10?!
 August 26 ~ Breakfast ... Why is it that when eating French toast for breakfast I always leave the two center pieces for my last bites?
 August 27 ~ Dull ... Seriously? This person has to be a little dull (like as in not the sharpest tool in the shed) to park like this. They're just a tool.
 August 28 ~ Travel ... I didn't have to travel too far to watch Brea and Gabby play tennis today, just to New London. Go Cats!
 August 29 ~ Dessert ... Flashback to Vegas when this was my dessert plate one night. I think I had one bite of each, but oh so yummy!
 August 30 ~ Nearby ... Our hunting cabin is nearby so we thankfully can pop out there to enjoy a night there and be blessed with sunsets like this.
August 31 ~ 10 AM ... Here's what my boy was up to at 10 AM. Maybe the name should be changed to Westberg & Son Electric.

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