Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { September }

 September 1 ~ In My Cup ... Last night at Keri & Rick's wedding they had mason jars as cups to drink out of. The punch in my cup was their wedding color and tasted yummy!

 September 2 ~ Stripes ... Just a few stripes make up the barcode on this fun package I got in the mail. The contents will be revealed soon enough. 
 September 3 ~ Button ... The four little buttons on the top of any pop cup must be pushed by the little boy before he is done drinking it all.
 September 4 ~ DIY ... I made this cake topper for Kaitlin and John's wedding. 
 September 5 ~ Upside Down ... While playing Kings In The Corner you have to look at some of the cards upside down. Love playing this card game with Brea!
 September 6 ~ I Need ... I need a new voice box after screaming LOUDLY while this kid ran in a touchdown last night at the Wildcat game! So stinkin' proud of James!
 September 7 ~ Father ... We got together for Paul's birthday tonight. He seriously is the best father, father-in-law and grandfather a family could ask for!!
 September 8 ~ Broken ... I found this broken, ripped and destroyed book in a bag of Scott's scouting things I received from his Mom. The worst part about this ... the Packers sticker!!
 September 9 ~ Orange ... A beautiful orange glow over Ringo Lake as the sun sets. Gorgeous!
September 10 ~ Repetition ... Just my little stockpile repeating can after can after can! Love being stocked up.
 September 11 ~ How I Feel Today ... I'm feeling proud to be an American. I have this hanging out in my backyard year round showing my pride!
 September 12 ~ Spring / Fall ~ A major sign that Fall is here is a good pile of sweaters just waiting to be worn.
 September 13 ~ Out of Place ... All the stuff in the middle of the garage is always out of place. Time to clean it out!
 September 14 ~ Healthy ... Trying to get healthy since I have a major head cold. 
 September 15 ~ Remember ... I want to remember this moment in the future - Brea's tennis team.
 September 16 ~ I Don't Like ... I don't like this view at all. If the pool is empty, it means summer is almost over!
 September 17 ~ Key ... We keep this keeps up on our doors so we can lock Hayden out. The pantry would be bare if we left it wide open!
 September 18 ~ Person ... Brea and her friends Megan and Lindsay all dressed as the same person for Disney day. They make the cutest Mickey Mouse!
 September 19 ~ Even ... Hoping this little bottle is the Fountain of Youth and makes my skin nice and even - no lines around the eyes please!!
 September 20 ~ Beginning ... Even though it's the beginning of the Fall season, we still have to mow the lawn.
 September 21 ~ Fave Word ... I don't know if I would say it's my fave because I love many words for different reasons but TRUST is a huge issue for me. Enough said.
 September 22 ~ Crisp ... A yummy crisp topping of stuffing on a new recipe I tried tonight. The family all loved it, even the picky 4-year-old.
 September 23 ~ Triangle ... Many little triangles on the remote but I have the buttons memorized so I hardly have to look at it anymore.
 September 24 ~ Loud ... Loud new kicks but I love having new, comfortable running shoes!
 September 25 ~ Angle ... Hitting the ball at the right angle in tennis match can definitely win you a point!
 September 26 ~ Best ... Even with little dilated eyes, this is still one of the best faces I could look at every day.
 September 27 ~ Celebration ... A little celebration honoring the bride-to-be, Emily.
 September 28 ~ Game ... The Juniors who participated in the Powder Puff football game - love these kids!!
 September 29 ~ Wish ... Two wishes waiting to be made.
September 30 ~ Where I'm From ... Many generations of AWESOME, that's definitely where I'm from!

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