Friday, October 31, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { October }

 October 1 ~ A ... Artwork made by Hayden during preschool.
 October 2 ~ B ... Our beautiful Brea
 October 3 ~ C ... Here's a handmade Card that Brea received from her Grandma Vosika.  Perfect for our tennis player!
 October 4 ~ D ... Just a little Dessert after lunch one day.
 October 5 ~ E ... Everyone from the Westberg family who came out to the duck pass to celebrate Brea's birthday!
 October 6 ~ F ... The Fence that greets our family and friends when they come to our home.
 October 7 ~ G ... Grasshopper ... a sign of good luck!
 October 8 ~ H ... Hayden
 October 9 ~ I ... Ice cream is always a good treat at night before we go to bed.
 October 10 ~ J ... Jack Sparrow hangs out in my truck. We found him at a garage sale long time ago and he never left!
 October 11 ~ K ... Kernels at the bottom of the bowl. Why do they not just all pop?!
 October 12 ~ L ... Just a little leaf hanging out on the driveway. Fall is here!
 October 13 ~ M ... A trip to the mailbox is a daily occurrence. Too bad most of it is bills or junk mail.
 October 14 ~ N ... Nachos for supper. It happens once in a while.
 October 15 ~ O ... This is the show Oscar. It is so funny to watch with Hayden because he giggles at this little guy all the time.
 October 16 ~ P ... Presents for my fellow Women of Faith girls.
 October 17 ~ Q ... This is the quilt that I snuggle under while downstairs. I won it at a church event and didn't think I would ever use it. It now gets used daily!
 October 18 ~ R ... This river was part of the view from our hotel room this weekend.
October 19 ~ S ... A new set of stacking blocks for the munchkin.
 October 20 ~ T ... Brea and her Tennis team - such a great group of girls!
 October 21 ~ U ... This looks just U.G.L.Y. so I have been working in the basement purging and organizing all day and I'm STILL not done! Yuck!
 October 22 ~ V ... The VIEW is so much better now that I'm done cleaning! It's still a lot but all nice and organized, and I'm OK with that!
 October 23 ~ W ... Westberg Wedding ... here's the whole group together for Kaitlin and John's big day. We are one good lookin' crew if I do say so myself!
 October 24 ~ X ... The view out our window this weekend was the Xcel Energy Center. Saturday night was crazy down here because of the Wild game!
 October 25 ~ Y ... Our table tonight was filled with all kinds of Yummy food and drinks! Just don't ask what the bill was!!!
 October 26 ~ Z ... The new zip up I earned at the Monster Dash. So comfy!
 October 27 ~ One ... One little leaf on the munchkin's locker at school.
 October 28 ~ Two ... Two pink socks to keep my toes warm every night.
 October 29 ~ Three ... I have my electric blanket set on 3 while I sleep at night. Toasty warm!
 October 30 ... Four ... Once you turn four, you must learn how to shave like Daddy does.
October 31 ~ Five ... Here's five books I'm excited about reading.

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