Sunday, November 30, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { November }

 Hello November
 November 1 ~ Something Blue ... A couple of drinks and food at the Blue Line before the Wildcat game. We won!!!
 November 2 ~ I Saw This! ... I saw a little brother insisting on holding his bigger sister's hand.
{ heart melting }
 November 3 ~ Weather ... A cold, rainy night watching Lukie play for Concordia in Sauk Centre. They won 31 - 0! We were part of the Magnuson Fan Club.
 November 4 ~ Can't Live Without ... I can't live without home-cooked meals. They aware a MUST quite often in my house!
 November 5 ~ 8 O'Clock ... At 8 O'Clock I was getting acquainted with my new love.
 November 6 ~ Made Me Smile Today ... These little stickers made me smile today. Brea donating blood, trying to make a difference in the world!
 November 7 ~ On The Floor ... Here's my bag on the floor all packed with warm clothes and my camera. I'm ready to go cheer on the Wildcats at the football game tomorrow. It's going to be cold!!
 November 8 ~ A Place ... Obviously a place I wanted to be was in St. Cloud at the football game. We won!!
 November 9 ~ Heck Yes! ... Counting your snacks before you get to eat the and learning your numbers - heck yes we do this!
 November 10 ~ I Do This Every Day ... Watching Hayden's cartoons is something I do every day.
 November 11 ~ A Set ... A set of hands belonging to Brea making me a sandwich for lunch.  :)
 November 12 ~ Normal ... This is a normal look for our living room on a daily basis.
 November 13 ~ Letters ... There are a few letters of encouragement that Brea received for a TEC retreat she went on. She loved them and the retreat!
 November 14 ~ For Me ... Just a little grocery list for me to bring to the store. This is normally how long it is as I plan our meals.
 November 15 ~ Hot & Cold ... I made hot chocolate to drink on a cold night after the football game in Eden Prairie. We're onto the final for state! #eyesonthebank
 November 16 ~ After ... After doing quite a few loads of laundry, I usually have lots of clothes to put away. This is just some of the hanging items!
 November 17 ~ Cooking ... I spent a little time in the kitchen today cooking up some Drunken Pumpkin Seeds. They are a yummy, little snack.
 November 18 ~ I Love This ... I love being able to order things like tickets online to guarantee my girl can go see a movie she's been waiting to watch for a LONG time!!
 November 19 ~ Whole ... A whole meal for my family cooked in a crockpot AND they loved it! Definitely keeping this recipe!
 November 20 ~ Bright ... A bright bucket used as a helmet on my kid's head. Weirdo - LOL!!!
 November 21 ~ Shoes ... Not quite shoes but a pair of new boots since my other tall black boots took an unexpected adventure to Canada!
 November 22 ~ A Favorite Thing ... My absolute favorite thing about today was watching this beautiful girl marry her guy! Much love to Emily and Brett!
 November 23 ~ I Made This! ... I made these little chalkboard signs and the programs for Em's wedding this weekend. I think they turned out so stinkin' cute!!
 November 24 ~ I Need To Do This ... I need to be pretty proud of my girl for being inducted into the National Honor Society tonight. Congrats to her and the other young men and women who became part of NHS as well.
 November 25 ~ Time ... Happy Birthday to this guy! Lots of time spent with him in the past 25+ years and look forward to a lifetime of more amazing moments with him!
 November 26 ~ Wall ... My wall of fibers and ribbons in my craft room.  :)
 November 27 ~ I'm Thankful For This ... Beyond thankful for these three people in my life! They are my world!
 November 28 ~ Black ... We obviously love black coats here! Oh, and I wish my country home had a entrance closet. This is how my house looks every winter - LOL!
 November 29 ~ So, This Happened ... Girlfriends getting together is what happened tonight. Love these girls!
November 30 ~ I Bought This! ... LOTS of Rags in a Box for Scott, Christmas presents for others and a few things for me as well.

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