Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Photo Of The Day ... { December }

 Oh Hello December! Only one month left!
 December 1 ~ Fruit ... Just a little banana bread we made to go with supper. Yum!!
 December 2 ~ Grass ... Where Brea parks her vehicle is about the only place where we can see grass on our lawn.
 December 3 ~ Pop ... My new mini baker gives a pop of color to our meal tonight. A new recipe I tried because I bought the bakers ... chicken pot pies!!
 December 4 ~ Free ... Free night off of cooking as Scott made delicious homemade pizza for supper!
 December 5 ~ Me ... Me with my sisters Debbie, Lisa, Linda and my Aunt Janet on our annual shopping day. Loved it!

 December 6 ~ Joy Is ... It's pure joy to see this boy enjoying himself out in the fish house with me and Daddy.

December 7 ~ Weekends Are For ... Family time out in the fish house. Where else can you use a $5.00 Spiderman fishing pole to catch the Big One?!
 December 8 ~ Simple Pleasure ... One of the most simple pleasures in life is meeting Santa and telling him what you want for Christmas.
 December 9 ~ Decoration ... Thanks to my sweet friend Nikki, I have a new decoration for my tree. She saw it, thought of me and bought it ... and I LOVE IT!! { Thanks Chickie!! }
 December 10 ~ Closed Door ... The closed door indicates we've been eating lots of good stuff! Hayden likes to push the buttons to start it!
 December 11 ~ Something Red ... A red cup of pop to go with some pizza at Jimmy's Pizza. We are there before going to the wrestling match up at the high school.
 December 12 ~ Skyline ... This is the skyline I see every day living in the country. Couldn't be better!
 December 13 ~ Much Loved ... All the Christmas cards we receive are very much loved by us! I need to get my butt in gear and do this next year!
 December 14 ~ Drink ... Various drink cups and containers - and this is only about half of them. I don't use them but Scott and Brea do so I guess we need 30 of them!!
 December 15 ~ Super! ... This kid is having a super time playing office. The workbench is his computer, his paperwork is all in one tablet and he uses a crayon to draw out his job sites. It's so dang cute!
 December 16 ~ Beautiful ... I think our tree is beautiful! Now to complete it with the Christmas tree skirt Lisa made me and fill it with presents underneath!
 December 17 ~ Sunshine ... This is about the extent of our sunshine lately, but it makes for a beautiful sunrise.
 December 18 ~ Sign ... Many kids (and even some adults!) have signed the walls of our upstairs bathroom. It started out with just a few silly Napoleon Dynamite quotes to THIS! There is another wall that looks the same. I love this paneling and don't want to ever get rid of it!
 December 19 ~ Something To Be Happy About ... It makes me happy to start a new tradition with Hayden. He just loves the Elf on the Shelf and seeing the different things he does each night!
 December 20 ~ Food ... Nothing like a yummy grapefruit in the middle of December! I love it with the FFA fruit is delivered right to my door!
 December 21 ~ This Is Interesting ... An interesting little fact about me is that after shopping and running errands I will dang-near break my arm to carry every single bag into the house in one haul. Who wants to go back and forth five times? Not me!!
 December 22 ~ 'Tis The Season To ... It's definitely the season to make some sweet Christmas treats. Hayden and I made Almond Bark Pretzels a couple of days ago. He put on the sprinkles.  :)
 December 23 ~ Tree ... All is calm, all is bright around our Christmas tree! Love all the presents gathered around it knowing each box contains something special for my family!
 December 24 ~ Color ... Just a little bit of color in the new jammies the kids got on Christmas Eve.
 December 25 ~ Celebration ... Scott worked his butt off this year and to celebrate a new truck is going to be parked in our garage. It's either that or give the money to the government. I don't think so - LOL!
 December 26 ~ Animal ... A cute stuffed animal we named Speedy was given to Hayden by his teacher, Ms. Stacy. He love it!
 December 27 ~ I Like ... I like (or really LOVE) this girl! Today it's her birthday!! Happy Birthday to my favorite Ashley in the whole world!
 December 28 ~ Book ... A whole book about Bon Jovi ... yes please!
 December 29 ~ I Need Less Of This ... I need less junk food in my house but this is just a portion of what we took home from the Westberg Christmas. Treats are a plenty!
 December 30 ~ Us ... 2014 has been good to us. Extremely grateful.
December 31 ~ My Best Bit Of 2014 ... The best bit today was ringing in the New Year with my love and my friends! CHEERS TO 2015!

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