Sunday, October 3, 2010

Officially A Teenager!!!

The invites are sent out! I decided to take a picture of Brea holding the information and sent the actual pictures as the invitation. This way our family has a picture of her when she is 13!

We decorated cupcakes in her favorite color (orange) and mine (green). It was her decision to do those two. We also had some white left over so we decorated a few with that color as well. Brea put them all on the tray and if you use your imagination, the white cupcakes for a 1 and a 3 ... 13!

Our beautiful little girl!

With Konner ... he drew her some cute pictures and gave her an Aquaman action figure.

More gifts ... we LOVE the Cars movie!

Oh yeah ... Skol Vikings!!

The traditional peanut butter from Grandma V.

She was excited to see the Bananagrams game ... she's been wanting it for some time now.

Auntie Linda and Evan

Jim ... Auntie Debbie ... Grandma V.

Me and My Shelby Belle

Auntie Lisa and (soon-to-be) Uncle John ;)

My Favorite Konner

Blowing out the candles ...

TWO boyfriends ... (sigh!)

We played Bananagrams a few times that night ... such a fun game!

Love you Bee! You're the best kid we could ask for. ♥

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