Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Ring Holder

So I've been looking all over for any ideas on how to store my rings.  I finally decided that I was going to make my own ring box so here's the details!

I first found all my materials, which wasn't really much.  I had the box from when we cleaned out my Mom's house.  I'm not sure what it belonged to - maybe a desk - but I have three of the exact same thing.  I purchased the foam at JoAnn's on a big sale they just had.  I have PLENTY left over for another project.  I also found the black textured fabric on JoAnn's clearance rack for $4.00 a yard and also have plenty of that left over.

The first thing I did was lay the box on the foam and measure out how much I needed.

Cut with a sharp scissors or a blade.  Precision is not a must as you aren't even going to see the foam.

See?  This is how my edge turned out trying to cut through the foam.  It would have been a little neater if I would have used a blade but I grabbed what was closest to me and that was the scissors!

Next I measured how much distance was going to be between the cuts.  I figured two inches would be good because I have some larger rings.

Draw a line across the entire piece of foam so you know where to cut.

Grab a sharp blade and cut the foam.  DO NOT cut through the entire piece.  It makes it easier to work with.  However, if you do choose to cut them into individual pieces, just make sure you leave them in the correct order (possibly numbering them) so you put them together in the box like a puzzle.

-Once cut, you can see that they make an accordian-type piece.

After cutting, I put the foam on top of the fabric to measure it for how much I would need.  Remember to atleast double it because you will use quite a bit pushing it down between the cuts in the foam.

For the depth of my box, I needed to cut another piece of foam to fill the bottom.  I did not cut this piece.

Place the cut foam in the box and get ready to cover it with the fabric.  Sidenote:  After placing the foam in the box, I realized I should have cut it more narrow and I could only fit six blocks in the box instead of the seven I measured for.  You might have to do the same so I thought I would let you know you do not have to try and squeeze it all in - just put in what fits because you'll also have to allow for the bulk of the fabric.

Lay the fabric on top of the box.  You are now ready to start stuffing the fabric in around the foam and into the box.

I used a bone folder to squish the fabric down into the cuts of the foam and on the edges.  I worked with the fabric to have it nice and even.  It really is super easy.  Just keep pushing it down and working with it until you are done.  At the end, if you have alot of extra fabric, make sure you cut some off before pushing the fabric down in the front.

The finished product!  I'm lovin' it!  The whole project from start to finish only took me about 40 minutes so if you have little time one day, try making one!

Full of rings!  Now I never have to figure out where my rings are when I want to wear them ... they're all in one place.  The nice thing is, as my collection grows, I can always make another box (or two!) to match!

I just love the detail of the front of this box.  You could also use an old cheese box, a plastic craft box or anything you think would make a great ring holder!  Thanks!


Jen said...

I have one of these! It was my Great-Grandmother's and it belonged to a sewing machine cabinet. I am totally going to buy some foam and fabric to make this! So simple - love it. Thanks for posting.

Susan Westberg said...

You're welcome! I'm glad to know what it was used for. I think my dad used it to organize tools in his garage so I can't believe it even lasted! Please let me know when you make yours. :)