Friday, May 9, 2008

Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

Here's my latest project I made for the night at church. It is a perpetual calendar I'm going to hang in my kitchen. This is actually a jelly roll pan (cookie sheet) which I covered in paper and then made the individual number pieces with magnets on the back to move around each month.

Can I tell you ... I am just in love with this thing!! LOL! I am absolutely thrilled how it turned out! I love the colors I used and actually dug through every nook and cranny of my SB room to find things to use to decorate each piece.

Here's the actual calendar the way it will hang on the wall. I made special pieces like "birthday", "anniversary" and holidays to replace the actual days. I had enough space on the bottom to line up the days I actually used so I can remember which days have something special on them. The end piece that is clipped on says Home Sweet Home.

Here's a close-up of the top of the calendar. I couldn't figure out how to do the days of the weeks so I just wrote them ... making it more personal. These are the only pieces which are not magnetic since they'll never change. A few of the numbered pieces I spelled out the word instead of just using numbers. I also love the 10 spot ... I found a mini dominoe to use.

This is a close-up of the bottom of the calendar. You can see the "special" spots here ... Mother's Day, Anniversary (on the 20th) and Memorial Day (on the 26th). Again, for the 21st, I used a little BINGO number, which I thought was so cool - LOL!

So here's the top part of the back. I used the inside of the pan as the backof the calendar because it is indented and it works perfectly to hang and keep all of the extras here. If I would have used the other side, the 3D items would have been crushed while hanging and I DIDN'T want that!

This is some of the month title pieces. I had to get creative on some, like the word "August." Those letters started out white, which I sanded, colored with marker and then put Distress Ink (Tea Dye) on top of them to get the perfect color. The heart on February is actually a die cut piece of corrugated cardboard that I had laying around. I inked the edges and the raised part to give it dimension.

Final pic ... the bottom of the back. The other month title pieces and the extra special day pieces. Some things about the title pieces ... the center of the flower on the "June" title is a corduroy brad so it has lots of texture and dimension. The "dec" for December is actually a suede belt that I had bought at a garage sale and used my Sizzix to cut the letters so they also have dimension and texture.

I did LOTS of the special pieces to change it up every month. I even included Presidents Day, Earth Day, Daylight Savings, Cinco De Mayo and Labor Day. I also created five "birthday" pieces and three "anniversary" pieces.

Thanks for looking!

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