Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independence Weekend ... In Pictures

Non-stop, on-the-go is what we were this weekend. There is constantly something for us to do during this busy holiday. Here's the highlights ... us lovin' every minute of it!

Our holiday weekend started by Brea and I participating in the Spicer parade. We walked with my sister, Nancy, to raise money for the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk she is doing in August. Walking was Shelby, Me, Taylor (Brea's friend), Brea, Emily (Ashley's friend), Ashley and Nancy. We also had another golf cart with us with some other friends, Kendall, Ashley and Adrien, but I don't have any pictures of them. :( I'll have to find some because Kendall, who walked in honor of his sister who died of breast cancer, was dressed in a tu-tu and drew LOTS of attention. It was fabulous!

During the parade, Scott took some pictures of things he knew I would want to see ... what a guy! Here's John, my sister Lisa's guy, who is the rookie firefighter. He drove one of the trucks through his first parade.

After the parade, we all got together in an impromptu gathering at John's house. Doug and John took care of grilling up some good grub to eat!

Scott, Brea and Shelby goofing around on the deck.

Here's a bunch of us that were there ... Scott, Brea, me, Ashley, Debbie, Lisa, Nancy, John and Bob (John's Dad) who is in the background.

The kids were having fun with some sparklers. I told them to create big circles and I would take pictures while they did it. This is Brea ...

and this is Shelby. How cool are those?!!


Here's some crazy pictures that I got during the fireworks show.

Every time a red and green one would come up, the kids would say "Christmas!"

This one was part of the grand finale ... lots of fireworks lit off at the same time! Very cool!


On Saturday afternoon, we went out to Diamond Lake to spend some time with Scott's family.

A yummy BBQ was enjoyed by everyone.

Kenzie, Brea, Mac and Carol play tetherball.

And we had a ladderball competition too! We had to leave before it was over, but it was fun playing this crazy little game! Some people call it Norwegian golf, or whatever nationality you are.

Enjoying a little time by the water ... perfect!

Here's our little family ...

and the whole group!!

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