Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Getting Silly In Here ....

Last night I went to a hot bon fire party to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my friends, Ellie and Derek. Here's some snapshots of the night.

Brooke, Ellie and Me toward the end of the night. The blurriness is what happens when you give Trever the camera!! Amateurs ... LOL!

Brookie and Me ... it was FREEZING outside so we stood by the fire most of the night.

Love me some Ashley! { Smooches }

The Girlies ... Brooke, Ashley, Me and Eryn

Ashley brought out a can of of Silly String! She was spraying all the guys ... even the ones with $200 shirts on! She said it was the best $1 spent - LOL!!

Small gathering but we made our own fun ... { GOOD TIMES! }

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