Thursday, August 7, 2008

20 Years Later ...

This past weekend was my 20-year reunion ... and I had a blast! We were at the Little Crow Country Club from 6:00 until midnight ... a lot later than they were expecting us. They don't know our class very well - LOL!!

Here's group of classmates that showed up ... what a fun group to catch up with during the night.

Me and My Girl Annie!

And my other girls ... Dawn and Bethany.

Mike, Chad, Me, Mike, Anne, Jon and Amy

Todd, Paul, Tab, Heidi and Dawn

Anne, Chad, Me, Terri, Jill and Kyle

Ann, Me and Melissa

Steve's Fiance, Steve, Ann, Me, Mark, Joe and Jill

Steve, Phil, Jon, Mike, Scott and Chad

Jon (Beth's husband), Beth, Linda (Mark's wife), Mark and Jim

Amy, Lacretia, Rick (Lacretia's husband), Beth and Jon

Pablo (Erika's husband), Erika and Melissa

Chad, Scott, Mike, Tab and Todd

Heidi, Kris, Melissa, Erika, Jill, Ann Marie and Marna

Lots more pictures were taken but I can't share all of them! Super fun time, and I can't wait until the next one!!

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