Monday, September 29, 2008

Catching Up ... In Pictures!

So ... it's not like there hasn't been anything going on to write about ... it's that we've been busy and on-the-go since my last post. Here's catching you up on what's been happening in the Westberg's World!

The night of Rayn's party (look back two posts), Brea had Evan, Noah and Lainey stay overnight. The next day they all had fun playing outside in the beautiful weather. It was entertaining for a while when Noah decided to take pictures of us playing Monkey In The Middle. It was a slight advantage for me to play against the kids ... height is a plus!

A few days later, Debbie and Shelby came out to pick apples from our apple tree. We got quite a few off the lower branches, but we can still see lots of yummy ones up higher!

What to do with all of the apples? APPLE CRISP ... of course! Brea helped make the topping ...

while I washed a bunch of the apples in the sink. They were so dirty that they stained my sink and my fingernails! Guess I'll have to put them in a bin of some sort on the next batch!

The end result ... SO YUMMY! I gave two away, put one in the fridge and one in the freezer. I have four more to make ... gotta have them available for winter ... so good on a cold night!


Our church had it's Fall Festival this weekend so I was busy ...

turning this ...

and this ...

into these!! I made 50 knot-tied scarves to sell in the craft area. There were only three left ... one little Christmas one (I admit, it needed to be a little bigger) and two Viking ones (guess their record is so bad people don't want to show support - LOL!). They were a big hit! I saw people walking around wearing them all morning long.

Part of the festival is Grandma's Attic (think garage sale). Last week I helped Mom clean at the house. We had a truckload to give to the cause ... and we're not done! Goodwill is getting the rest. I told her my truck looked like a classier version of Sanford & Son.

On the day I helped her she surprised me and made one of my all-time favorite meals, sausage bread. She normally reserves this dish for Christmas Eve so it was wonderful to have it for lunch just for cleaning!

Here's what the Grandma's Attic room usually loooks like when I get there. People drop of boxes and boxes of their stuff which I price and sort into piles. It's an interesting process ... lots of unique finds when you get into some of the bags and boxes.

One of the treasures (and I use that term loosely) we found were these hilarious BUG EYE glasses! Brea whipped them on a posed as the 10-year-old gangsta she is.

Here's my Mom with the other ladies who are part of the Tuesday Morning Quilters who made this breathtaking quilt for the sweepstakes part of the Fall Festival. This is right after it was done ... stunning! The final product was even more beautiful, if that is even possible.

I thought I would show off the doll clothes that my Mom made to sell in the craft room as well. They fit the American Girl dolls so they are always appreciated. My Mom pays attention to the small details and makes each outfit simply adorable. The pajamas have slippers, the country dresses have little sunhats and the sweater sets are perfect. It makes me want to be a kid again!

This is me and Ashley sitting at the payment counter at the Fall Festival. It was a huge success for the church.


So, I'm finally writing about today. My day started with the alarm going off at 5:00 to bring Brea to the school to go on her adventure to Wolf Ridge. The whole 5th grade class went. She was super excited and even commented that she didn't feel tired at all waking up at 5:00. Glad one of us was wide awake!!

Brea and her friend, Lainey, boarded the bus together because they are in the same class. The kids could bring their pillows on the bus ... good thing, because they are going to need them on the way up. I'm sure some of them crashed right away.

Since I didn't have plans for the day, I went with my Mom to see my Great Aunt Edna in Granite Falls. We went out to eat and then stopped up to see my Great Uncle Ray at the nursing home. Afterwards we spent some time visiting with Edna at her house. She ALWAYS had treats there and wants you to eat as much as possible ... trying to fatten us up!

And afterwards Mom asked if I wanted to go gamble a bit at the local casino. We were super gamblers and played the penny machines. I walked out of there $3.25 richer. Don't be jealous! I split my winnings with Mom ... $1.50 for her ... $1.75 for me. Mom on the other hand ... lost a little.

I'm off to read the second book in the Twilight Saga ... New Moon. It's good so far ... it's such a good read so I'm outta here! Later peeps!


Brooke said...

HOLY MOLY CHICK!!! you HAVE BEEN BUSY!! thats why i haven't seen or heard from you! :) looks like the fall festival was a great success!! i'm sure Brea had a BLAST at Wolf Ridge as well!!

Karen said...

WOW!! Busy and fun at the same time!! So glad the yarn worked out!!! Now slow down and enjoy the fall!!