Monday, September 1, 2008

Relax . Eat . Enjoy.

We spent our Labor Day at Becker's with family and great friends! Here's the pics ... enjoy!

Here's the crew:
Lisa, John, Nancy, Cliff, Dale, Linda, Doug
Ashley, Mavis, Mom
Me, Shelby, Evan, Brea, Debbie and Noah

Not Pictured: David (who had to take off for a First Responder Call)
and Scott (who is working on the road)

Just The Vosika Girls

The Kidlets - Noah, Brea, Ashley, Shelby and Evan

Brea and I were going to take a picture together, but Evan and Noah had other plans! Good enough ... the more, the merrier!!

The Hostesses with the Mostest ... Debbie and David

The kids wanted to go tubing so we took them out a couple of times. Here's all five of them on three tubes.

SPLASH!!!! That's what tubin' is all about!

Yeah baby! The kids like goofing off when they are in the water. By this time, Noah is in the boat with us ... he was DONE!

Sharp curve = slammin' tubes!

Mavis, Linda and Mom relaxing before dinner.

John, Doug and Dale enjoying the great weather outside as well.


I had to put Brea to bed early tonight ... SCHOOL'S BACK IN SESSION TOMORROW!

I know I'll have lots of pictures for her first day as a 5th grader so stay tuned. :)

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Karen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!! Wasn't it warm!