Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday Happenings ...

While Scott and Brea were hunting on Saturday, I took the time to catch up on some scrapbook pages that needed to be done! I didn't pull out all the goodies to complete these pages ... not a done of embellishments ... but they are DONE and I can enjoy looking at them in an album instead of having the pictures in a box in the closet! I'll consider that an accomplishment! I'm also using up a bunch of paper I already have and lots of scraps ... gotta downside the supply. :)

This is how far behind I am ... this is Mother's Day, 2002! This was a casual day at the Dietz house.

Making and Hanging The Wreath ... Linda had this huge wreath that was decorated and hung in their house. With a little assistance from ... oh, everyone!, Linda's wreath is done, looks gorgeous and now hangs in their new house.

Lazy Days Of Summer ... just taking the Dietz pontoon out for a ride on George Lake.

Tiny Sawyer ... another Magnuson boy! Chris and Angela welcomed one more boy to their family. Brea thought he was pretty cool and just wanted to keep looking at him. I remember her saying in a cute, squeeky voice, "He's so cute and tiny!" I agree. :)

I went out that night to Melvin's where a bunch of my friends were. Here's me with Brookie!

And with the girls ... Rayn, Chasity, Lisa and Brooke.

Me and Rayn

Love me some Megan!

The always entertaining Ashley - ♥

Hopefully I have some more pictures tomorrow ... scrapping again today and crossing my fingers that Scott took some while he and Brea were hunting! Have a fantabulous Sunday!

By the way, the music is a bit crazy but that's what Judd Hoos is about ... rock n' roll baby!


Karen said...

here's where i can see what my kid has been up to!! looks like a great girls night out!!

Susan said...

LOL - too funny! There were guys there too but we never really take too many pictures of them.

Brooke said...

rock on! i had sooo much fun last night!! GOOD TIMES!! send me more pics!! :)