Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Happenings!

Since I posted last I've been busy creating scrapbook pages ... throwing in some fun as well. I have my box of pictures next to my desk and keep grabbing a pile to work on. I'm using up old paper, embellishments, stickers ... whatever I can find ... and putting them with new things. I'm just glad I got my scrapping mojo back because I was in a slump for a while there. So ... here's a bunch for you to look at! Keep in mind, these are from 2002!! That's how far behind I am - yikes!!

Freezin' ... it was a cold day at the beach for Brea, Shelby and Ashley

At The Park ... from the cold beach to the park

Valleyfair ... a trip with Ashley, Nancy and Debbie

Up North ... with Darin and Missy

Hit The Wake ... Scott and Darin showing off their talents!

Beach Babes ... Brea, Chloe and Caden ... look how adorable they all are!

Beauty ... need I say more?

Pretty Piggies ... a fun day of toenail painting with the girls

Teach Me ... Scott teaching Brea how to use a duck call and going hunting with the boys ... Chris, Nic, Darin and Luke

Summer's End ... Labor Day at the Beckers

What a better way to spend two hours on a Sunday afternoon than go see this movie. I loved it. I've read some reviews online about the characters and couldn't disagree more. I thought it was true to the book and the cast choices were perfect!

Sunday night we ate supper at Paul and Carol's for Scott's birthday dinner. We were trying to get a picture of the four grandkids for a Christmas card so here's one that turned out pretty good!

I'm leaving the Twilight music going because I love these songs. The first one is during the baseball scene ... one of my favorite parts of the movie!

Off to create more ... later!

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