Monday, December 22, 2008


Tis the season to be busy ... fa la la la la la la la LA!

We've been on the go or doing stuff at home for the past week. Here's our life in photos ...


Gotta fluff and make sure there are no empty spots! Brea was grabbing the camera taking pictures around the house and got a couple of me. :)

Hanging the first ornament ... the weiner dog!

Hanging my ornaments that I made back when I was a kid!

Brea's putting up her favorite oranment ... her Hello Kitty from Grandma Vosika.

We even made Scott come in an hang up his ONE ornament from Nancy ... You Might Be A Redneck If Your Christmas Tree Has A Deer Stand. LOL!

Our Tree ... it now has candy canes on it, presents under it and lights all aglow all day long ... love it!!

Here's our Nativity that we put on the dining room table this year. Carol started giving us all the pieces, adding to it every year.

I even decorated on top of our hutch. This will stay up all winter long since it is snowmen. :)

And our fireplace and mantel. My Aunt Joyce makes all of our stockings ... such treasures to me!


Tuesday night we went to the Boys' Basketball game for Brea's D.A.R.E. program. Office Holmquist, who runs the D.A.R.E. program paid for the students and their parents to go to the game and a supper. However, last minute we took Scott's truck and my camera was in my truck so I got NO pictures! I know some were taken so I'll just have to get them. :)

On Thursday, Brea had her D.A.R.E. graduation where the kids earn their certificates. Office Holmquist is welcoming everyone to the program.

Their entertainment was The Amazing Marco, a juggler who worked with sticks, balls, tumblers and rings. The kids thought he was awesome! He did do a great job ... I couldn't do anything he was doing so kudos to him!

Some of the kids were chosen to have their D.A.R.E. essays put in one of four places ... the Middle School office window, read to the 4th graders, in the newspaper or read at graduation. I quicked snapped this picture as Brea stood because she was going to have her essay put in the Middle School office window for people to read. She also got a medal for it. You can hardly see her but she's in the front row standing.

Here's the kids that read their essays to everyone in the gym.

This is Brea getting her diploma from Office Holmquist and Principal Perry.

Brea and her friend, Lainey, posed with Daren, the D.A.R.E. mascot after the graduation.

She also posed with Officer Holmquist. The kids just LOVE him!


Friday night we met my family at the Barn Theatre to see the production of "A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol." It was hilarious ... so Minnesotan and so redneck ... ya' sure ya' betcha! No photos are allowed ... I snagged this off their website. :)


On Sunday we went to Debbie and Dave's for our Eggebraaten Christmas. This is just me and my favorite Ashley!

Debbie had the tables decorated extremely cool with these candles and confetti! I loved it!

Close up of the confettie ... she intermixed little dots that had "Merry Christmas (Name)" on them ... might have to steal that idea! It's the best form of flattery anyway!

Just the kids ... Brea, Noah, Ashley, Evan and Shelby

Our little family ...

Cliff and Lisa just before they left for the day.

We interrupt this family Christmas for a football game!! The Vikes lost!

Aunt Janet (wearing the scarf I made her!) and Mom

Linda, Muriel and Nancy

Dewey and Mur with all the kids!

Everyone left at the end of the day!


I found these frames in with my Christmas stuff but never did anything with them ... until now! I printed different quotes and sayings and put simple decorations and ribbon on them. They are now my 2008 ornaments on my tree!

I also made Chex Mix to give as gifts this year. It was so yummy not all of it made it into the containers to give away!

Another little gift I gave out was these Hot Cocoa Cones. Enough to share with a friend ... perfect!

I made these little memo holders for my Mom to give to some of her friends ... how festive!

One card that went to a friend ...

And another for a gift!

Whew ... that was a lot in one email but it had to be done or else tomorrow's would have been added on and just longer ... and longer ... and longer!

I have three kids waiting for me to play Christmas Bingo with them and to also watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Could it get any better?!!!

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Karen said...

WOW!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! And love your tree!!!(didn't put one up this year!!!goin' to the cities!)Merry Christmas!!