Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas ...

Busy ... busy ... busy! This Christmas season was no different than any others. Places to go ... people to see ... things to do! And we enjoyed every minute of it! Another long post so here we go!

Before the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day events, Brea had her cousins, Evan and Noah, come over to play. I just love seeing kids bundled up to jump in the snow!


Just us before going to church.

The kids in my family have to sing a song before they can open their presents. However, this year, Brea practiced "Away In A Manger" on her mini piano for her song. She let Shelby sing along for her part in earning the presents.

Bee with her new Hello Kitty jammies Grandma Vosika made. So shiny and fun!

The reaction to a new Nintendo DS from her parents ... Shelby was lovin' it.

Debbie opening the scrapbook I made her. I put together pages from each month so she'll have a full year of photos of her, David, Ashley, Shelby and family. I uploaded a few pics of them ... check them out near the bottom of this post.

Long story short ... Ashley, Shelby and Brea call my Mom "G Unit" ... with the G standing for Grandma. So ... Ashley found these "gangsta" items and gave them to my Mom for Christmas. Nothin' says love like a set of grillz and a bling dollar sign! They were both laughing the whole time I couldn't get a decent picture, but they are all priceless.

Me and My Mom ... an angel on Earth! She surprised me BIG TIME with buying me a Cricut ... which is a scrapbooking cutting machine.

Just the 5 of us ... love my sistahs!

The whole group! They are now used to me taking group shots ... who doesn't like seeing everyone together? NOT ME! I cherish these pictures!

Front: John, Brea, Shelby and Me
Couch: Bob and Lois (John's parents), Mom and Debbie
Back: Noah, Scott, Evan, David, Nancy, Doug, Linda, Dave (Doug's brother), Ashley and Lisa

Swanky and Sledge ... together again!

John and Lisa

Doug and Linda

David and Debbie

Me and My Guy


Checking out the stocking contents ...

Our gifts from Brea ... each receiving $1 of her own money ... I love it!

Opening Guitar Hero ... the gift she couldn't figure out under the tree. :)

Riding around the house on her new scooter.

Rockin' it out on Guitar Hero ... it was played ALL morning long until we had to go to the Westberg's Christmas.


Gifts from Grandma and Grandpa's stocking ...

Her new portable DVD player from G & G

Kenzie opening her Webkinz we gave her.

Paul, Brea and Carol at the end of the night.


Just a few pages to share of Debbie's album ... enjoy!

20 YEARS ...

20 years ago today I was fortunate enough to be asked out on a date by a wonderful guy who would steal my heart and soul. ♥ Happy "First Date ... Rest of Our Lives" Anniversary Sweetie!

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Karen said...

Congrats on 20 years and looks like a great Christmas for the Westbergs!!! Happy New Year!