Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping, Trucks and Trees ... Oh My!!


Last Friday I went shopping with most of my family on our annual Family Shopping Day! We were too busy presenting our cash and credit cards to take pictures during the day but here's some from when we stopped to eat at Great Mandarin. We had to laugh at our server ... Dan The Man ... because he kept calling us all "Lady." "Hey Lady, you want more Diet Coke?" "Hey Lady, I take your plate?" "OK, Beautiful Lady." Inappropriate giggles were abound! The only thing that would have made it better is if they all started singing "Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra." Good Times!

Lisa and Janet

Linda and Mom

Debbie and Me


I returned to the Cities the next day with hubby and FOUR kids in tow as we brought Brea, Evan, Noah and Shelby to Monster Jam at the Metrodome ... love the big trucks!!

Party in the Pits

The kids with the Subway Sandwich

By Grave Digger ... Dennis Anderson in the background

The kids by Maximum Destruction. Check out the height of those wheels! This truck performed for all of three minutes TOPS that night because of mechanical problems. The driver was NOT happy!

Us by Madusa - the only truck there driven by a woman - GIRL POWER!!

After the Pit Party we went over to Hubert's to grab a bit to eat. Here's Shelby and Evan.

Noah and Brea

Me and My Hubby

Back to the Dome - they had everything decorated in Christmas and Winter theme!

Rollover competition

In the stands - Nugget is all prepared with his ear protection!

Waiting for some Monster Trucks!

Grinder was the new truck they introduced that night.

Grave Digger making a screeching halt right in front of us!

Blue Thunder was a favorite of ours

Captain's Curse ... SO close to being out of bounds!

Demo car race - so fun to watch them slam into each other!

Super fans showing their support!

Grave Digger and Blue Thunder Superfans!

El Toro Loco showing his craziness to the crowd

Fly Superman Fly!!

Madusa crushing the car ... and the competition

An Escalade ALMOST going over backwards

Taz growling through the freestyle portion

Crash and Burn ... Taz loses a couple of wheels

Blue Thunder catching some GREAT air

After an excellent freestyle, Blue Thunder whips a few donuts for the crowd

He knows he did good ... the evening's winner ... BLUE THUNDER!

Oh Christmas Tree ...

First ornament ... the B by Bee

Putting all the ornaments on the tree

The completed tree - I think it is beautiful!!!

I'm busy working on a December Daily scrapbook so I'll post pics of the progress of that later ... have a stellar day!

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