Monday, January 11, 2010

2009 - Coming To An End

These are a tad bit late but nonetheless, here's some photos from our Christmas celebrations with our families.

Eggebraaten Christmas

Me and My Mama

Of course it was Game Day (dun, dun, dun, dun!!) so we had Purple Pride being shown ... even Little Favre helps with the dishes!

Love how the kiddos help do clean up ... family tradition!

Christmas Bingo ... another tradition! We play for little prizes so everyone goes home with a few gifts.

Shelby and Nugget

Brea opening her Hello Kitty zebra sweatshirt - two of her favorite things in one - that's the best!

Auntie Muriel, Linda and Noah

Shelby showing off her new vest

Ahsley opening her new t-shirt and dog.

Christmas Eve

At Mom's new house, the kids handing out the gifts to everyone

... Beauties ...

New Vikings gear!

Brea with some of the fabulous gifts she received!

We had Brea open the present we gave her so everyone could see her reaction. It was PRICELESS!! We gave her an iPod Touch which she was shocked to receive to say the least!

The kids have to sing or do a musical performance to open their presents. Evan and Noah sang while Brea and Shelby played individual songs on the rollup piano.

... Handsome Dietz Boys ...

Scott opening his gifts, which included Redneck Games for the Wii - :)

Mom opening her new Twins jersey

** Evan and Lisa **

~ Our Little Family ~

Mom and Jim


... lisa, ashley, linda ...

Cute Little Cousins

The Fab Five

~ The Super Six ~

Lisa and John

With My Favorite Ashley

The Dietz' looking great!!

The Becker Family

At the end of the nigth, Nugget going outside in his new Vikings gear to play in the snowfall that we received the past couple of days - lots of snow - love it!!


At Mom and Dad Westberg's house, Kenzie playing with the dogs while we wait to see what's in our stockings.

~ Our Beautiful Girl ~

Opening some new Wii controllers

Paul and Carol checking out some of their gifts

Konner helping Kim and Keith open some of their presents

Konner in his new robe with his power washer

Konner closing his eyes waiting to see what Grandpa is bringing in for him

It's a new trailer for his tractor ... Grandpa made it especially for Konner! How awesome is that!

Konner and Uncle Scott getting ready for some fun in the snow

The new snowfall was PERFECT to build a snowman so that's what they did - putting the carrot nose on their creation.

Check that out - it's fantastic! Great job boys!

So there ya' go! It's our holidays in one post. :) Next post ... a few New Year's pics!

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