Friday, February 12, 2010

This Week ...

I would have had these pictures during the week but I've been on-the-go every day! Not my typical week, that's for sure! Enjoy!

On Saturday we all went for a snowmobile ride on the different trails around our area. This was Brea's first time driving the snowmobile by herself. She did a great job!

... Professional In Training ...

He's got mad skillzzzzzz!

While we were making a pit stop, Brea couldn't resist all the fluffy snow to play in.

All geared up and ready to go!

Safety First! By law, Brea cannot go across any public road by herself so Scott would have to bring his sled across and then come back over to ride hers to the other side. We now know this rule because the DNR pulled us over for it! Whoopsie!! :)

Here's what the TV said on Monday morning ... needless to say, Bee was thrilled!

Lots of snow ... lovin' it for snowmobiling ... not so much for driving, etc. It was about 10 inches of the white stuff!

Tuesday night we went to a soup dinner at the school where we bought soup bowls that Brea made. They are adorable!

After the soup dinner, Brea was chosen to participate in the school's spelling bee. She made it to round two - some of those words were hard!!

Brea's friend, Kaitlyn, also was there. She made it to round three.

Kaitlyn, Lindsey and Brea ... spelling bee girls!

Yesterday, my nephew, Konner, was the scrollbearer for the Snow Daze coronation at the school. He and his friend, Chloe, look adorable!!

They did a great job sitting on stage while all the kids were around them.

Here's Ashley with Emily ... who is sporting the sparkly Queen's crown! Yea Em!

Only a few more days until Valentine's Day! I'm still working on my LOVE album ... it's turning out so cute and one that I know I'll love to look at!

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