Monday, May 10, 2010

May Days!

Here's some pictures from various events in May!
It's just the beginning of them ... it was a busy month!!

Brea's class helped out selling flowers for Community Day as a fundraiser for a family who lost their home to a fire and the Humane Society. The kids were rewarded for doing a great job by getting ice cream cones from Greg at the Country Stop.

We went to the Fireman's Dance to support the local Spicer firemen. Had fun hanging out with my girl Tammy!

At the end of the night, Bryan, Lynette, Jon and Bethany showed up too - Good Times!!

Next we celebrated Mother's Day. The kids had a great time playing ball in Becker's back yard.

Had to capture a picture of just us.

We also celebrated Shelby's birthday - Happy Birthday Belle!!

The whole group - LOVE this picture!! It's our family!

We then went to the Westberg's - I love this picture too ... because it's FAMILY!!

More to come when time allows ...

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