Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Decorating ...

Just popping in to put up a few pictures of my fall decorating. I'll be posting more summer pics within the next few days.

I bought this little dresser at my Aunt's auction last weekend and after thinking about where to put it in my house, I opted for our entrance / mudroom. It's more cozy now when you walk in - more inviting! I took the knobs off and painted them black instead of the white and gold that they were. After a few fall decorations, I'm in love with it!

Just outside the mudroom entrance door is this little setup! I just figured that corner needed something so I dug into my supplies and found the crate, wooden bowl and little sign that my sister, Linda, gave me that says, "There's no place like home." Perfect way to greet people!

This wooden gate was saved from the trash at my friend, Marnie's, grandma's house while they were cleaning out her house. It was in an outside shed so when I asked what they were going to do with it, and they replied they were going to throw it away (gasp!!), I said I wanted to take it. Again, another piece I'll love and adore to decorate!

This is the dining room entrance. I salvaged this table from the trash at my Aunt's house after the auction. It is so shabby and distressed, but that's the style I completely appreciate! After digging through my fall decorations and adding in some fresh pumpkins and other produce, plus adding some homey touches like the lamp and ceramic pumpkin, VIOLA!, it's done!

Hope you have a great Sunday! I'm going to get a few more blog posts ready and also upload some pictures of Brea's birthday party on Facebook so her friends can see them! PLUS Vikes play tonight - Skol Vikings!!!

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