Thursday, October 21, 2010

♪ ♫ I Like A Punk Rock Chick! ♫ ♪

For Brea's 13th birthday party with her friends we set up a couple of Guitar Hero stations in the garage, decorated it with stars, streamers, skulls and crossbones and had a


Enjoy the photos!

James and Brea

"What's with the hair, James?"

That's my girl! - LOL!

Brea and Kaitlyn

Brea and Taylor

Gettin' Crazy

Brea and Megan

Brea and Carleigh ... I surprised Brea by having Carleigh come to the party since she had just moved back to Minnesota. She was so happy about it!

Brea and Cody

I wanted a bunch of group shots so I told the kids to have fun with it ... here's the results!

The kids had a great time! ROCK ON!!

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