Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's OK To Say The "F" Word ...

My 40th birthday!!!

My sister, Lisa, bought me this fantastic glass to drink out of. It's so me! I just love it!

I went to a few garage sales with Linda and Lisa, then met Mom, Nancy and Debbie at Green Mill for a yummy lunch. The cheesecake in front of me was my free dessert for all to share - it was SO good!

Later that night all my sisters showed up at Melvin's where I was celebrating with a bunch of friends.

Brooke and Lisa

{ ♥ }

"My friends are better than yours!!"

Jumping forward to the next day, Scott and Brea surprised me by throwing me a birthday party at our house!!!

Can they be trusted? Not sure as they have been lying to me for a month straight!

... Family ...

~ mom ~

* simply the best! *

"She's out of my league" - pretty much sums it up Bob! LOL!!!

My favorite chicks from Sauk Centre ... Ann and Janet

Evan - Shelby - Brea - Kaitlyn

{ tammy and mike }

* shelby *

- ash -

~ my favorite girls ~

Check out this AWESOME cake Nancy made for it. It couldn't have been any better!!

OMG!!! The best surprise is when Share and Dan showed up! I mean, come on! They live in Canada for crying out loud! They were on a trip in Michigan but came here anyway. I cried!!!!!

It was one of the best surprises I could have ever received!

{ bestie }

The next morning we met them for breakfast. I DID NOT want to see them go! They were here for a short amount of time - never enough for us.

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate! It was one of the best weekends!

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