Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hanging with the Holmes

Toward the end of summer, we spent some time with our friends, Mike and Tammy, at their cabin just down the road from us. The night was a PERFECT night for a boat ride. We had fun watching Ethan and Rylee take their turns showing off while enjoying some water sports.

Tammy and Me ... I adore her!

Ethan taking a little tube ride.

Adorable Little Rylee

Hey there Captain!!

We had a great time enjoying time with them!

Ethan and Tammy ... isn't he just the cutest!

THIS is what we saw behind us while going back to the cabin ... heavenly.

Nothing like getting a tube ride during a beautiful sunset. :)

Rylee taking her turn to do a little waterskiing. She did a GREAT job!

Waterskiing during the sunset ... so pretty!

We love spending quality, simple time with our dearest friends ... many more summers to come to create these type of memories!

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