Friday, January 6, 2012

This Week ...

This week I've been offline quite a bit and busy spending more time playing with Hayden, cleaning the house (decluttering!), getting crafty and getting other things done around the house.  I still make time to take a few pictures so here it goes!

A quick meal for us ... meatloaf, potatoes and beans - SO BEYOND GOOD!

This is what I experience every time I go get a diaper to change Hayden.  He RUNS and hides somewhere ... today his choice was behind the curtain.

He then will peek out at me - it's so cute!

I'm WAY behind on Project Life 2011 so I've been spending time catching up on that.  It's a great feeling.

Brea organized all of Hayden's Christmas toys so when he came down the next morning it was all set up for him to play.  He thought it was great!

He loves his new train set from Grandma because it makes music and goes around the track by itself.  However, he can't help himself and takes the train off the track all the time.

On the 5th, I went to Marshall with Brea and some of her classmates to a writing conference.  It was fun spending the day with her.

The group in one of the classes.

James and Brea ... love their friendship.

Brea, Espi and Kaitlin - {besties}

Off to do more around the house as Hayden takes a nap.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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