Sunday, February 19, 2012

Neighborly Valentine's Party

Last night we went to a little Valentine's party at our friends' Brooke and Trever's house.  It was so much fun so here's a few pictures from the night!

I signed up for dessert so here's some Red Velvet Cupcakes in a jar that I made.  They were sweet and yummy!

Each jar had it's own word on it ... ready to eat and enjoy.

Speaking of food .. here's a sampling of what we had for food ... so good!

~ just me and my valentine ~

{ the girls }

* the guys *

Scott's gift to the guys ~ something they all love ... BEER!

Scott's gift to the girls ... because they are all originals :)

My gift to the guys ... I'm nuts about them.

My gift to the girls ... bracelets I made for all of them (and myself) :)

And here are the treasures my friends gave me.  ♥

I'll post pictures later of our family Valentine's Day!  Peace out.

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