Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prom 2013 & Blast From The Past!

Prom for New London-Spicer took place this past Saturday.  It was a little chilly for the kids, but that didn't stop them from having fun and looking great!  Here's some pictures from Grand March that was held at the school.
 Shelby and her date, Jonny
 Brea, Shelby and Jonny
 Me, Shelby and Jonny ... her soft pink dress, simple makeup and hair - perfection!  They both looked fantastic!
 Kenzie and her date, Eric
 Kenzie and Brea
 Kenzie and Me ... I *loved* her dress, lipstick and flower ... she looked awesome!!
Some of my friend's had kids going as well so I thought I would share photos of them as well because let's face it, who doesn't love to see people looking pretty!
 My friend Chasity's son, Bradyn and his date
 My friend, Angela's son, Luke and his date
 My friend Lynette's son, Oden and his date
 My friend Shannon's daughter, Sammi and her date
The night of Prom, a Post Prom is hosted for the kids to have a safe, fun place to go for the night.  Once you are in the school, you are in for the night!  The kids thoroughly enjoy themselves and have LOTS to do for entertainment and eating.  These pictures are of the tent I decorated.  The theme this year is Blast From The Past.  I obviously decorated in the 80's!
 I had 80's rock music blasting out of these speakers that Scott and our friend, Chris, made!  They were beyond awesome!
 Pac Man Fever anyone?!
 Madonna poster, Dirty Dancing poster and two HUGE Rubik's cubes greeted the kids!  Scott and Chris made these as well and our friend, Jake, helped make the squares on them.
 A poster of Bon Jovi is a MUST!!!
 The adults dress up and play the part so here's my version of an 80's punk rocker.
A mohawk and nose piercing complete the look!
 Here's my girls Shellie and Tammy who dressed up to help in the tent.
 Chad, Shellie, Tammy, Mike, Me and Nathan ... we're so totally tubular.  ;)
 Can you stand how 80's Shannon is?!  Baggy sweatshirt, leg warmers and a legit banana clip in her hair.  So awesome!
 Me and Ang ♥
{ Chas and Me }
My girls that helped all night long and did such a fantastic job ... Shannon, Angela, Shellie, Chasity and Tammy ... love them all!
I don't know who had more fun, the kids or US?!  I'm guessing it was US!  LOL!!

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