Saturday, September 21, 2013

Duck Opener ~ 2013

Scott and Brea went out hunting, staying overnight, at the duck pass.  The next day Hayden and I went out there to see everyone and have supper.
 Hayden helped Dan get the meat ready on the grill.
 Scott and Dan with the dogs.  They weren't cooperating as much as the boys were!
 Seriously?  That looks amazing!!!
 After supper we had peach cobbler that was cooked over the fire.  DELISH!
Hollow logs stood on end make these crazy flames out of the tops of the logs.  It has a crazy sound too ... so cool (I mean, HOT!)


 The next day Scott and Daisy went out hunting and got five ducks ... all kinds of varieties.

Hayden was intrigued with the ducks and wanted to play with them ... yuck!!  LOL!

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