Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fun At The Hotel

 Last year at a benefit I won a hotel stay in a poolside room at our local Holiday Inn.  We decided to go there for the night to let the boys and Brea enjoy a night of swimming and fun.
 These two did NOT want to get out of the water.  :)
 A little pizza and chicken wings to fill the tummy.  Let me tell you, those chicken wings were delicious!  They were the boneless Jim Beam and BBQ sauce wings.
 Back into the pool before going to bed.  Hayden kept asking Scott if he would come in the "bathtub" with him.  :)
 I went to get Brea from a birthday party she was at so she was able to join us for the night.  The kids hung out watching TV after we all got done swimming.
 Brea was tickling Hayden and making him laugh.  I love their relationship.  It's true love.  ♥
The next day before leaving the boys had to go swimming one last time.  They are little fish, that's for sure!

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