Thursday, October 3, 2013


 Today my baby girl turns 16!  WHAT?!  That's crazy!
 Breakfast is sprinkle pancakes.
 A stack of 16 of them with a candle. ♥
 Such a beauty!
 { make a wish }
This was the scene in our car yesterday as I hauled a bunch of balloons home to surprise Brea.
  I decorated the hallway from her room to the bathroom so she would see it in the morning.  She was surprised, that's for sure!
 16 balloons and sixteen "16's" on the wall :)
 It's All About You!
 Hayden and I made her a cake while she was at school.  The decorating started out perfectly ...
 and the second handful made it even better - a pile of sprinkles RIGHT in the middle of the cake!
 Special little cakes for her to eat.  She also got socks and gum from Hayden, a handmade card from Grandma and Jim and a card from us ... the car was given to her earlier.  :)
 At her request ... fish, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.
 Happy 16th Sweetie!
 I think Hayden wants to blow out the candles just as much as Brea does.
 One flame = one boyfriend ♥
To make her birthday even better, she found out that one of her favorite shows, Vampire Diaries, is now on Netflix  :)
 On Friday night we went to Old Chicago to have supper.  She brought Kaitlyn along to enjoy the night with all of us.
 Hayden was in 7th Heaven because he got as much chocolate milk as he wanted!
 A yummy margarita for me.
 And this pizza was SO good!!!
 After pizza we ventured over to Stone Cold Creamery for a little ice cream treat.
 { just us }
 These are suggestions on what to get ...
 But with these kinds of ice cream, you can make your own concoction.  So cool - literally!  LOL!
All the treats ready to eat!

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