Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Album - Mr. Lokken's Final Class

After 34 years, Brea's school teacher, Mr. Lokken, is retiring. He was a teacher when Scott and I were in school too ... and he looks the same!

Here's the pages from an album I put together fo him. I sent a note home with the kids asking them to fill out the little "Favorite Memory" card to put in the book. The could also send in school pictures, a thank you note or other pictures from the school year. I also went to a few class events to take a bunch, and Brea snuck our camera to school to capture some as well.

Mr. Lokken was SO surprised ... he didn't know anything about it. The kids were thrilled to know that they did a great job keeping the secret!

Here's the whole class. This is one of the days that the kids were suppose to go on a field trip, but it was raining out that morning. Later in the afternoon, they were able to go outside so Brea told Mr. Lokken she wanted a picture of the class to remember everyone. Little did he know it was for the album! AND he was the one that suggested the goofy picture on the bottom!

This is is hard to see but the kids went bowling. During the time they were at the lanes, they shut the lights off for "midnight bowling." Everything was glowing ... so cool!

Here's a couple of pictures from Field Day. The kids all have to gather for the rules before going to their competitions. It was a gloomy day ... again ... but they all competed like champions!

These next pages are the individual pages for the students.

Louise and Heather

Taylor and Noah

Nick and Eli


Lainey and Ally

Kaitlyn, Brea and Carleigh

Tom and Evan

Teresa and Sammy

Josh, Brady and DeShaun

Catherine and Jessica

Hunter and Cody

This is for two events that I went to and took tons of pictures. Mr. Lokken commented that I should be in the paparazzi because he didn't even know that I was taking all of them. These are from a picnic that he hosts for the kids and also a trip to the Science Museum in the Cities.

The final page ... here's Mr. Lokken with all the kids at the Science Museum. The last picture is of Mr. Lokken and another teacher, Mrs. Mattke, who is retiring also. She has been at the school just about the same amount of time as Mr. Lokken. They have been 4th grade teachers together for over 30 years ... what a friendship they have!

So there's the last class Mr. Lokken taught. I guess yesterday was emotional for him, but how couldn't it be. I wish him well in everything he does in the future. Thanks Mr. L.!

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