Monday, June 2, 2008

♥ Fun-Filled Week ♥

Blogger was NOT cooperating for me lately so here's a bunch of pictures for this week events:

♥ Memorial Day / Birthday Celebration At My Sister's House ♥

My sister, Debbie, made the cupcakes that spelled out "Happy Birthday Susie!" Love them. The adorable kids with me are Shelby, Ashley, Noah, Evan and Brea.

Just us ...

♥ May 28th ... My Birthday ♥

Just me and Bee at our house

My beautiful girl with my birthday surprise ... apple blossoms!

♥ Craziness At The Liens! ♥

Sofia ... Me ... Brooke ... Caden

Glamour Girls in Fancy Shades

Us at the bon fire

Angela and Chris

Trever and Brooke ... the hostesses with the mostesses - LOL!

Just the boys!

♥ Final Birthday Celebration (I think - LOL!) with the Westbergs ♥

The kids ... Kenzie, Kaitlin, Mikai and Brea

Me and my wonderful, beautiful Mom!

Scott's Family ... Paul, Scott, Me, Carol and Brea

Look at those blue eyes ... so adorable!

He's ALL boy ... and a John Deere Junkie!

So there's some updated pictures!

Now we're into June ... tomorrow is the last day of school ... pictures will be taken - LOL!

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