Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ashley B ... Come On Down!

It was like Rod Roddy from the Price is Right just told my niece, Ashley, that she had won a new car! She screamed when David handed the keys of her new car to her. It is a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix and a perfect car for a teenager!

David just handed the keys to the car to Ashley. She thought her Grandma and Grandpa had bought another car, and then he said, "Here's the keys to YOUR car!" She was BEYOND elated!

Getting some instructions from Dad as a bunch of the kids and Linda sit in the back seat checking it out.

Ready for the first drive!

Ashley by her shiny car ... which was cleaned and detailed to the INCH by her Grandpa Dudley.

I was her first passenger. We went for a cruise into New London to show her best friend, Emily, her new wheels. Now she just needs to save money to make a payment on the car, buy gas and pay for insurance. Welcome to the real world, Kid! LOVE YA!

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