Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cut For A Cure

On June 27, 1998, my father, Bob Vosika, passed away from prostate cancer. Ten years later, eight of us decided to get our hair cut to donate to Beautiful Lengths for cancer patients. Since his name was Bob, we all wanted our hair cut into "bobs". Here's some before and after pictures to share of our special day. It was a great experience for all of us, and I'm so glad I shared it with my family.

The girls getting their hair cut are Ashley (niece), me, Linda (sister), Lisa (sister), Nancy (sister), Debbie (sister), Brea (daughter) and Shelby (niece).

Here's the back view ... soon to be a lot less hair showing!

Here's me and Brea before ...

back view ...


Just me and Bee

The whole group ... including my Mom!

Back view ... LOTS of hair donated!!

Me, Brea, Shelby and Debbie with our sytlist, Juliena

Linda, Lisa, Ashley and Nancy with their stylist, Sara

After the haircuts we went to KFC for some food and then to the Spicer Legion for drinks. My bestest friend in the world, Marnie, is here from Texas. I picked her up at the airport that morning and came home to cut my hair. It was a busy day.

My friend, Chasity, was also out on the town so we went over to listen to Jeff James play at Melvins.

June 28 ... The Tribute Tree

The next day we all got together out at our house to have a celebration dinner. I surprised my family with a tree we planted in my dad's memory. The weather was NOT cooperating so we quickly went outside when it was not raining, just super windy.

Scott took the tree out and put it in the hole while the kids watched.

As part of the tribute, I had saved a piece of everyone's hair that they cut to put in the hole with the tree. When we placed the hair in the hole, we told a special memory we had about Dad. I also made a little "lock" for Mom to put in which consisted of a little bit of everyone's hair. The cards with our names on it had pink and blue paper which signified breast cancer and prostate cancer.

All the little pieces of paper with hair tied to them in the hole.

The kids started helping put dirt in with the tree to fill it up.

Everyone else took a turn too. When the tree gets bigger it will be an "Autumn Blaze" maple shade tree. I'll give it much love and think of my Dad every time I look at it. It was a great memory to share with my family and I'm glad they helped me participate in planting it, and I love them for that.

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