Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer's Here!!!

You KNOW it's summer when you are at the Games Lake beach with friends and LOTS of kids!

We joined a bunch of moms and their kids at the beach today. It was absolutely perfect weather for a day in the sun. We decided to go every Wednesday and make it an official beach day during the week. I'm going to LOVE Wednesdays!

You just have to have a big moat for the sand castle!

Choo! Choo!! Water train - all aboard for the aquatic ride. Conductor Waverley pulling passengers Mggie, Caden and Brody.

The older girls, Chloe, Brea and Waverley, go out to the first raft to lay out in the sun.

The Moms (minus Brooke, who left to bring her kids to the dentist) enjoy getting together for chit chat and catching some rays!

LOTS of digging and LOTS of water brought up from the lake created this non-stop fun for the kids ... Brea, Waverley, Maggie, Eli, Blake, Brady and Lucas.

I hope we have many more days like today so we can soak up the sun and enjoy the summer!! YEAH!!!

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