Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Adventures ...

We had two fun-filled days with family and friends this weekend. Brea was up north with Scott's family until late Sunday night so we were partying the weekend away!


Saturday we went to Boogie Wonderland. It was our friend, Chris', birthday but he is not in ANY picture that I took because he was out and about chatting with everyone on other pontoons.

The theme of Boogie Wonderland is the 70s so you'll see people dressed up for it. I grabbed a sparkly band that was on the boat and turned it into a headband. It didn't stay on very well so I'm only rockin' it in a few pictures - LOL!

Scott and me on the pontoon, enjoying the music and sun

Me and Karen having our own little photo shoot

Dancing in the sand at Melvins ... Sister Nancy and Me!

Sister Debbie and Me having a cocktail


On Sunday, we were back at Melvin's for Nancy's 3-Day Breast Cancer fundraiser, Concert for a Cure.

Shelby, Debbie and Me at the entrance taking donations

Scott and Me at the other entrance ... people were very generous!

Jeff James played for the concert ... he is so spectacular and extremely talented. We were laughing because he kept saying, "I'm going to try something new" and it always sounded awesome!

Brooke, Sofia and the rest of the Lien family joined the festivities. Brooke was a lucky winner at the raffle drawings winning TWO of the baskets ... woo hoo!

The Vosika 5 - Me, Debbie, Nancy, Lisa and Linda ... all here supporting Nancy. In front of us is the raffle drawing gift baskets. With products and gift certificates donated, there was over $600 worth of prizes to win!

Brea got back into town just in time to help with the drawings.

So I'm going back to relaxing after being on the go all weekend. :) Have a great night!

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