Sunday, August 31, 2008

Craziness At Melvin's!!

Went to Melvin's last night with Nancy, who I didn't even get a picture with! We were too busy talking ... imagine that! I stayed after she left and hung out with friends. There were TONS of people there so we basically sat at a couple of tables and watched the craziness that surrounded us.

Here's me and Ashley! I'm lovin' this girl more and more each day.

Me, Karen and Brooke ... after about 10 pictures that Trever took. Love the outtake pictures though ... photo shoot!!

I never got a picture with my friend, Rayn, so the song today is dedicated to her in absence of her picture. She's a Journey lover so here's to you, chickie!!


Angela said...

It was FUN & CRAZY wasn't it...never a dull moment!

Brooke said...

wooo hooo!!! GOOD TIMES.. its the SURREAL LIFE baby!!!! ;)

Karen said...

I was a little worried which picture would make the blog!! How many pictures did Trever take?? LOL I had a blast with all of you!!Plain light hearted fun!! Thanks!!

Susan said...

You girls are quick! I JUST posted that! Boo hiss ... I didn't have any pictures of you Angela. How did THAT happen?