Monday, September 8, 2008

Reasons To Celebrate!

Many reasons to celebrate this weekend ... either with a little "woo hoo!" or a big "Happy Birthday!"

It started on Friday when I went to St. Cloud with Nancy. I went to the Crafts Direct Closeout Store where they had marked down their 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to 20¢. GET OUT! I was stoked! As I'm putting a bunch in my hot little hand, the salesperson tells us, "Just to let you know, everything in the store is 50% off. We're trying to clear it out for other stuff." WHAT? It couldn't be true! I came home with a bunch of 12 x 12 paper for only 10¢ a piece. Unheard of!

So we then go over to the main store where they had their 59¢ 12 x 12 paper on sale for 28¢! Stocked up a little there too. It was like Christmas in the crafting world. We continued shopping at other places but no one else had such great bargains like that ... hard to compete!

Saturday morning I met Linda and Lisa at the Willmar Civil Center for their bi-annual garage sale. Anyone can reserve a space so it's like going to 50 garage sales all under one roof. Fabulous! Here's a picture of most of my goodies. I scored a couple of sweatshirts for Brea, some cool stuff for myself and a bunch of items for our church's Fall Festival ... like the jars. It was a good morning.


Saturday night we celebrated Nancy's birthday. We started out with drinks and munchies at her house, then went on to the Spicer Legion. Here's the Vosika 5!

Mom, Dale and Mavis joined us for drinks at Nancy's house.

Another party-goer was our friend, Jenni Kuester. For those local peeps, this is Jenni Agre. (Oh, and the brace on Nancy's arm isn't the latest fashion statement, it is for medical reason ... but she rocks the look out anyway!)


Brea, Molly and Paul last night. We went over there for a delicious meal to celebrate his birthday!

Kenzie and Brea playing downstairs.

Here's all of us! We're a little slanty, but the tripod wasn't cooperating! Brea wanted to take a picture of all of us together for Scott ... so this is for him ... but I'll share it with the world! This is Me, Brea, Mac, Paul, Kenzie, Carol, Kaitlin, Kim and Keith.

Have a great week! I'm off to create ...

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Karen said...

Great Buys!!!Wish I came across bargins like that!! Looks like you had a busy weekend!!!