Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Purging ... It's A Good Thing!

I've spent quite a few days the last week in the basement of our house. I'm purging ... BIG TIME! I now have moved upstairs and going through every nook and cranny to add to the already 20 boxes of stuff (clothes not included) that we have ready for a garage sale.

Since I haven't sat down and created much to share, here's some stuff I dug up from WAY back when. Keep in mind, these were done before digital cameras existed so you could take pictures of your pages. They were done before 12 x 12 scanners existed so you had to scan them in two parts and then stitch them together!

This was when I would take a sheet of stickers and use them all on the page, for no apparent reason. You just had to I guess - LOL! What's with the random 45 in the middle of nowhere? It's how many fish they caught, but it should be in a different place on the page!

Remember when you would go to the paint section of a home improvement store and take one of every color paint chip strip? You just never knew what color you needed for whatever layout.

Here's a great example of how NOT to scan and stitch. I was no pro at it! Oh, and the fat cheeks were NOT because of the fat lip. Brea just had the pudgiest cheeks ... you just wanted to kiss or pinch them.

I had to share this one because Brea looks so tiny! This was just a simple page for me - quick and easy! It's fun looking back on what everyone looked like. I just realized I had short hair then too!

I'm going to be creating tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some new stuff ready to share!!

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