Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember ...

Take a moment to remember those who lost their lives today in the planes, in the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon. God and prayers be with them.

A calendar found on a desk.

The second plane headed for the second tower.

The Twin Towers exploding.

Rescue workers hang a flag on a building in New York.

After the Pentagon is hit, firefighters try to put out the flames.

Survivors flee from the Trade Center area. This is actually a color photo. EVERYTHING was covered in the gray dust.

Memorials are put up all over the United States and the world.

Firefighters rest before going out to help again.

With smoke from the disaster still showing, and a new skyline in the background, people leave candles lit signifying hope and loss at the same time.

While working at the World Trade Center, trying to find survivors and deceased, rescue workers find a piece of steel shaped like a cross. A moment of silence is ordered.

When I reflect back on this day, I just remember I just wanted to be with Brea, Scott and the rest of our families. So, remember to kiss, hug and deeply appreciate those in your lives who truly appreciate and love you!

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