Saturday, September 13, 2008

ScrapFest 2008!

Yesterday, my friend, Karen, and I went to the Mall of America to attend ScrapFest. There were LOTS of people there! We basically went to do some make-n-takes and have a fun day filled with new scrapping ideas and products surrounding us!

We went to Famous Dave's for lunch. We both ordered a Long Island ... the 22 oz. one! Woo hoo! They were so good!

Karen captured me at one of the booths doing a make-n-take. This paper line was so adorable.

Here's the goodies we came home with. Lots of cute stuff to use and cards to send out.

One of the scrapbooking celebs ... Jennifer McGuire.

Another well-know scrap celeb ... Tim Holtz.

When I got home, this book was waiting for me! Carol had picked it up for me so I could read it! With today being a rainy day (and I couldn't get on the internet all morning!), this was perfect to have to read.

So, now I'm off to read, watch Brea playing a video game (keeping it old school with Ms. Pac Man) and just relax!


Karen said...

Looks like we had fun!!! It was a great girls day out!!!

Karen said...

Merging traffic! Crap, crap, crap!!LMBO!

Share♥ said...

whaaaat you went to scrapfest without me and had a 22oz long island without me...??? lol...!!!
oh look its Tim Holtz...he called me his little monkey lololol...!!!