Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday E!

Happy Birthday Evan!!!

Newly born with Shelby, Ashley and Brea ... look at how ADORABLE they all are!!

You're our favorite Evan in the whole world! Hope you have a great day E!

We also called our local radio station to wish Evan a Happy Birthday. Wehn you call, they let you know if the person you are calling for is the winner of the daily treat. When I called, Evan was the winner!! He won a gift certificate to Taco John's. Yummy! I wonder if he'll share with me? :)

This is what we saw out our window this morning. Not the greatest picture but it was a beautiful sunrise ... perfect way to start the day!


Angela said...

That first picture of BREA. Oh my gosh - how time flies. I adore this lifetime and how all the amazing children are becoming so grown up and wonderful! It is so exciting. Looks like your life is filled to the brim with LOVE and good times. I love that. SEE YOU FRIDAY! In cognito....BWAHAHAHAHA! BETTER YET - perhaps THURSDAY? Momtime?

Awesome Abby said...

That sunset pic is awesome!